Monday, December 07, 2009

The tale of shoelace Jack

Lace em' up and he's ready to go, while he's on the go.

Fans of the Chicago Bulls are wondering where the passion for the game was, where the drive for success has gone, that after Toronto Raptor Jarret Jack found time to tie his shoe lace, while still in the play in a Saturday night game against the Bulls.

The bizarre scene, which to most observers of basketball hasn't taken place (outside of a Globetrotters game) found Jack (see video below screen left) tuck the ball under his arm and bend over to take care of the unbound shoe. The good news for Raptor fans, is that their team now leads the league in shoe tying while on the clock.

Considering the lack of interest by the Bulls, it should come as no surprise to learn that they would go on to lose that game by 32 points, 110-78, giving hope for New Jersey Net fans that better days may be on the horizon.

We suspect that there will be a refinement made to the NBA rule book in the next few days..
Before Shoelace Jack breaks out the rest of his repertoire at the next Bulls/Raptors match up.

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