Monday, December 21, 2009

There's gold in them thar hills!

Is the Northwest about the join the legendary tales of the Klondike and Barkerville?

The day could come when those epic tales of the Mother lode will be proclaiming the bounty of the glittering rocks found in the Golden Triangle. That's an area of the Northwest near Galore Creek that has mining executives rather enthused, with at least two major projects in the planning phase dependant on the outcome of environmental studies into the planned developments.

Teck Mining and NovaGold, which are combining forces to develop the Galore Creek project are expected to announce their plans early in 2010, Imperial Metals which is working on the planning of a development called Red Chris, are waiting for a deliberation from the Supreme Court of Canada, regarding a petition from environmentalists who are seeking a ruling on the matter. The Red Chris project has already gained the approval of the provincial government and is still going through the process of full federal review, which is anticipated for 2010 as well.

Two other proposed projects offer up the tempting future of exceptional deposits, should they move to the production phase.

That would make for at least four major developments in one corner of Northwestern BC, a landscape that suddenly would see some major changes and onw that could provide the beginning for future generations of tall tales of the mining frontiers.

The Friday Vancouver Sun outlined the process thus far and what the future may hold for Northwestern British Columbia

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