Tuesday, December 29, 2009

CityWest's 2.5 million dollar fibre link connection to Kitimat complete

“This announcement, and the Kitimat project as a whole reaffirms the commitment CityWest has to serving Kitimat. CityWest is investing an estimated $2.5 million in Kitimat this year alone, making the Kitimat project the largest capital project CityWest is undertaking this year.-- CityWest CEO Rob Brown, outlining some of the details of the recently completed CityWest fibre optic link from Terrace to Kitimat.

Digital cable TV, residential phone and improved Internet service are all apparently on the horizon for Kitimat, that as CityWest announces the completion of a 65 km fibre optic line between Terrace and Kitimat.

The 2.5 million dollar project will now allow the City of Prince Rupert owned telecommunications company to provide its range of services through a newly created technical office in Kitimat.

It's reported in the Terrace Standard that it is expected that with the completion of the fibre optic line to Kitimat, CityWest will now begin with an expansion of the company's various telecommunications services in the region.

Besides, Prince Rupert, Port Edward, Terrace and now Kitimat, CityWest operates in Thornhill, Smithers, Telkwa, Houston, Stewart, Kispiox and the Hazeltons.

Much of CityWest's expansion outside of Prince Rupert came about from the purchase of Monarch Cable Systems in 2005. That was a decision that has proven to be rather controversial for many back in the company's home of Prince Rupert.
Since that purchase, there have concerns expressed locally over a number of the more contentious issues of the ambitious expansion plans of the City owned communications provider.
Among them: potential debt loads worries, the possibility for declining or deferred dividends and at times a lack of communication to city residents and shareholders as it is, regarding CityWest operations.

Those are concerns that no doubt will again be raised as CityWest continues on with its expansion and enhancement plans further east of Kitimat.

Terrace Standard-- Fibre link to Kitimat finished

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