Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Wanted: Rupertites with long memories and a good sense of direction

Prince Rupert's Time Capsule has gone missing, well not so much missing as misplaced.

Tuesday's Daily News features Monica Lamb-Yorski's quest for the city's commemorative time capsule, last thought to have been planted on a hill across from the hospital, but where exactly on that hill side (see photo left) is the making of a 100th anniversary mystery.

Planted 40 years ago, the capsule was to be unearthed and opened on March 10, 2010 as the City celebrates its 100th birthday, bringing it back to life from it's cemented resting place from July of 1971.

The two month search for the now overgrown hole in the ground has so far resulted in little success, leaving the city to issue a call to those citizens on the hill side that day to think back and try to divine where the one metre capsule might be.

If found by March 10th, Rupertites will learn of the greetings from and future predictions from enclosed messages by Premier W.A.C. Bennett, MLA Bill Murray, MP Frank Howard and then Mayor Peter Lester.

Ms. Lamb-Yorski's piece has been given national exposure, with the Globe and Mail providing a platform for the search, posting on their website, her original story from the Daily News.

Who knows, perhaps some long since relocated Rupertite will read the item, and send off a pirate's treasure map to executive assistant, Joan Cameron, she is handling all tips for the City, as they scour the hillside for clues as to the missing capsule.

Prince Rupert struggling to locate time capsule
Appeal put out seeking whereabouts of capsule buried 40 years ago that is supposed to be opened for 100th birthday

Monica Lamb-Yorski
Prince Rupert, B.C. — The Canadian Press
Published on Tuesday, Dec. 08, 2009 11:24PM EST
Last updated on Tuesday, Dec. 08, 2009 11:25PM EST

Prince Rupert officials are trying to find a time capsule that was buried 40 years ago.

The northern B.C. city's executive assistant, Joan Cameron, has put out an appeal for information about the capsule that was to be unearthed on March 10, 2010 – Prince Rupert's 100th birthday.

The metre-long capsule was buried and enclosed in cement on July 20, 1971.

At the time, there were plans to put a permanent marker over the landscaped spot, but that never happened.

Ms. Cameron said the capsule is supposed to be somewhere on a hill across from the local hospital where there are totem poles today.

But so far, crews and local citizens haven't found it after two months of searching at the site, she said.

“We are wondering if there is anyone else who might have some helpful information, but we don't want people going up there and digging holes,” Ms. Cameron said.

“It would be best if they could contact me directly.”

Some people have tried using metal detectors and probes to find the capsule that is filled with items including cans of salmon, catalogues, newspapers, a cigarette lighter and a centennial dollar.

The enclosed messages include predictions from then premier W.A.C. Bennett, MLA Bill Murray, MP Frank Howard and the mayor.

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