Sunday, December 27, 2009

It's the economy Christmas Edition (December 24 - 27, 2009)

The top stories of the year reviewed, Ireland's excesses come home to roost, and the days for duty free boozing may be at an end, some of the items of note for the Holiday weekend.

Globe and Mail-- Bull versus bear
Globe and Mail-- Canada’s rate hikes will be tied to the Fed
Globe and Mail-- Shoppers pack malls in search of deals
Globe and Mail-- The year's top-read business stories
National Post-- Good riddance to a debacle of a decade
National Post-- Boomers get set for the next stage
National Post-- Lessons from the year of living dangerously
Vancouver Sun-- B.C. sake brewer seeks fertile fields
Vancouver Sun-- Bizarrely memorable moments from a year in business
New York Times-- A Tentative Sparkle Enlivens Holiday Shopping
New York Times-- China to Stay the Course on Currency, Wen Says
New York Times-- What Iceberg? Just Glide to the Next Boardroom
USA Today-- Money woes are all in your head
USA Today-- Stores hope gift cards give post-Christmas lift
USA Today-- Unemployment up, prices down in Japan
Guardian UK online-- Apple poised to start new year with launch of tablet computer
Guardian UK online-- Bumper Christmas sales as shoppers flood the stores
Guardian UK online-- Signs of hope for the economy in 2010
Times Online UK-- Bargain-hunters ring up £120 million sales online on Christmas Day
Times Online UK-- Debt will continue to dominate the scene in 2010
Times Online UK-- Pounding for Gordon Brown over UK debt crisis
Times Online UK-- Celtic Tiger finished off by debunked ‘miracle’
Telegraph UK online-- Property firms draw up 'living wills' to survive market crash
Telegraph UK online-- We are at risk of a trade war - and the West has most to lose
Telegraph UK online-- Chinese economy overtakes Japan
Telegraph UK online-- Old King Coal will stay on the commodities throne for years
Melbourne Herald Sun-- ANZ Bank keeping watch on small business customers
Melbourne Herald Sun-- Third strike for ASIC
Melbourne Herald Sun-- Westpac chief Gail Kelly dumps shares
Brisbane Times-- Clouds have silver lining for retailers
Brisbane Times-- Changes anger stockbrokers
Brisbane Times-- Australia looms large
Brisbane Times-- China's part in the world crisis
Sydney Daily Telegraph-- Personal income tax overhaul off agenda
Sydney Daily Telegraph-- Days of duty-free booze may be over
People's Daily on line-- Private sector plays greater role in China's economy
People's Daily on line-- China's economic development after 4-trln-yuan stimulus package
China Daily-- Top Biz News Economy grew 9.6% last year
China Daily-- China to have world's second biggest power capacity
China Daily-- Chinese people cool-headed as China poised to be the world's 2nd largest economy
The Times of India-- No Nano price hike: Tata Motors
The Times of India-- Paths to prosperity
The Times of India-- 'Hiring momentum to pick up in 2010'

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