Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Local Mountie to co-ordinate Northern security contingent for 2010 Olympic Games

Northern BC law enforcement and paramedic personnel are getting set to travel to Vancouver to take up duties at the Olympic games, and when they do they'll be under the watchful eye of a Prince Rupert based RCMP officer.

80 Northern representatives will be involved in the Vancouver/Whistler Olympics and Staff Sgt. Jerry Anderson who is based in Prince Rupert as an advisory non-commissioned officer has been tasked to gather the northern RCMP team for the 2010 games.

And while some may think that a commitment from the North may leave local detachments short handed, Anderson doesn't believe that will be the case, with the RCMP freezing leave periods during the Olympic time frame of two and a half months as well as reshuffling training programs and such, it's anticipated that local detachments won't be feeling the effects of the northern deployment.

Northern BC is sending RCMP officers, Deputy Sheriff officers and paramedics for the duration of the Olympic period, with applicants taken from offices across the Northern District.

The Prince George Citizen provides some background on the commitment from the north and the changes put in place across this part of the province to ensure that the deployment is a smooth one for both the Olympics and the home communities.

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