Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Prince Rupert prominent in Vancouver Sun series on the vanished women of Highway 16

Tuesday's installment of the Vancouver Sun's five part series on the vanished and murdered women of the Highway of Tears features a number of Prince Rupert references.

The third part of the five part series examines the still very real concern that things are not any safer on the corridor today than they have been in the past, Grainne Barthe, with the North Coast Transition Society in Prince Rupert, outlines her frustrations that many of the past recommendations from a 2006 Symposium on the situation have yet to be followed up on.

Barthe outlines the transportation challenges that many face along the corridor where public transportation options are limited leading to a frequent use of hitch hiking as a method of moving between communities.

That common thread of hitch hiking has been a major concern in many of the disappearances, leading to calls for communities to erect billboards on the outskirts of towns to warn of the dangers.

The article on Tuesday points out the lack of action on the Prince Rupert plan to have a bill board erected along Highway 16.

Cory Millwater, whose daughter Tamara Chipman vanished on Highway 16 just outside Prince Rupert in 2005, provides his thoughts in the article on the dangers of hitch hiking and the concerns he has over those that still use it as their form of transportation.

Tuesday's articles continue the Sun's in depth investigation into the Highway of Tears cases, you can follow the progress of the series from our archive (link here), outlining so far the various items from the series.

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