Sunday, December 20, 2009

It's the economy weekend edition (December 19 & 20)

Turning those toys into investments, in a declining economy it's time for the revenge of the Nerds, and just because it's in Wikipedia doesn't make it government policy, some of the items of note for the weekend.

Globe and Mail-- A stand in support of stimulus
Globe and Mail-- EnCana pushes for natural-gas on the highway
Globe and Mail-- Spyker renews offer for GM's Saab
National Post-- Toys as investment plays
National Post-- Climategate: What's the "trick" and what did it "hide"?
National Post-- Copenhagen a hopeful start
Vancouver Sun-- Airlines gear up for more Vancouver-Beijing flights
New York Times-- New Programs Aim to Lure Young Into Digital Jobs
New York Times-- A Dangerous Dysfunction
USA Today-- After safety recalls, Toyota's reputation needs some TLC
USA Today-- Radio's Citadel Broadcasting files for bankruptcy
Guardian UK online-- Dubai World to meet lenders to discuss repayment plans
Guardian UK online-- Don't panic, Mr Darling! Just keep it steady as she goes
Times Online UK-- Bad, but this year could have been a lot worse
Times Online UK-- Worry over housing market as lending falls
Telegraph UK online-- Euro 'Diktats’ risk terrorist response across Southern Europe
Telegraph UK online-- Deflationary myth is poor excuse for irresponsible policy excesses
Telegraph UK online-- UK property black hole threatens banks' lending
Brisbane Times-- Reserve bank may delay next rate rise, CBA says
Brisbane Times-- Call for release of housing sites
Sydney Daily Telegraph -- Australian Tax Office relied on Wikipedia reference
Sydney Daily Telegraph-- Plans for a raft of new tax slugs
People's Daily on line-- China's efforts to create more jobs pay off: minister
People's Daily on line-- Rising middle class in China offers opportunities for Western companies, says U.S. expert
China Daily-- China makes progress in Internet piracy crackdown
China Daily-- China recruits more than 120,000 civil servants this year
The Times of India-- India Inc grappling with rising health care costs
The Times of India-- State Bank of India raises $100 mn senior debt

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