Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Tomorrow's news today with the Northern View

We like to think that we're on top of current events here on Podunk, but this morning we guess we have to tip our hat to the Northern View's portal to the world.

When the twin earthquakes struck the Queen Charlottes on Tuesday, any number of news services across the world were quick to record the event, providing some preliminary information on the temblors off the coast of the Islands.

But judging by the time post on the Northern View's story, all news services were well behind the news gathering curve.

On the Northern View story posted to their website this morning, the time stamp is listed at 7:00 am, not a bad bit of news reporting, especially since the quakes didn't strike the Charlottes until 7:30.

We look forward to meeting their newest reporter as he works his way around town, ready to provide us with other forward looking stories.

We understand he may go by the byline of Nostradamus

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