Saturday, November 07, 2009

It's the economy (November 7, 2009)

Selling the merits of the oil sands in Texas, England and the US have different opinions at the G20, and 119 closed US banks and counting, some of the items of note for Saturday.

Globe and Mail-- In Texas, oil sands firms fight for their share
Globe and Mail-- G20 ministers agree stimulus still needed
National Post-- U.K. joins G20 push for world levy on banks
National Post-- Flaherty not sold on bank levy
National Post-- Income claims may not be well-earned
New York Times-- Inside the Global Gold Frenzy
New York Times-- Windfall Is Seen as Bank Bonuses Are Paid in Stock
New York Times-- Britain and U.S. Clash at G-20 on Tax to Insure Against Crises
USA Today-- FDIC shuts four more banks as failures reach 119 for the year
USA Today-- Oil loses more than $2 a barrel as unemployment rises
Guardian UK online-- G20 maintains $1trn stimulus as Brown calls for global bail-out fund
Times Online UK-- US unemployment reaches highest for 26 years
Telegraph UK online-- Euro Disney results to be hit by weak pound
Telegraph UK online-- This financial mess isn't even the end of the beginning for UK wealth
Telegraph UK online-- Japan on track for Warren Buffett-style flutter
Sydney Morning Herald-- Triumph of fiscal delusion over economic reality
Sydney Morning Herald-- Rio has nothing to match its BHP deal
Sydney Morning Herald-- Dollar driving overseas travel
People's Daily on line-- China's Minmetals considers investment into Marampa project in Sierra Leone: report
People's Daily on line-- China's passenger vehicle sales continue to grow in October
The Times of India-- GM in talks to bring Chinese cars to India: Report
The Times of India-- Food prices to decline after winter crop: Sharad Pawar

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