Tuesday, November 10, 2009

BC Ferries continues with its exploration of a possible Rupert-Vancouver link

The Queen Charlotte Islands Observer is offering up some more details on the proposed coast long ferry link between the North Coast and the Lower Mainland.

In an item posted this week on their website, the paper reports that the Ferry Service is studying all of the various aspects of the route and has plans later this week to discuss the concept further with northern stakeholders and tourism industry representatives.

The Ferry Service is also planning on holding a public meeting in Prince Rupert at the end of this month to review the plans and take public input.

If the service was to get the green light it would begin service in the summer of 2011 and make use of the Northern Expedition as the designated vessel for the trip, which would link Port Hardy and the Tsawwassen as part of the service.

The idea was floated earlier this year, with a story in the Times Colonist suggesting that the frequency of service was planned to be once every two weeks.

The complete article from the Observer can be found below.

Ferries considers Rupert-Tsawwassen route
Queen Charlotte Island Observer
Monday, November 9, 2009

BC Ferries is considering a new route which would link Port Hardy and Tsawwassen, making it possible for islanders to travel all the way to Vancouver by ferry.

Spokesperson Deborah Marshall said BC Ferries is studying all aspects of the route, and will be talking to the northern stakeholders group and tourism industry representatives about it this Friday at a meeting in Richmond.

BC Ferries is also planning a public meeting in Prince Rupert at the end of November to discuss the new service.

"We're looking at starting it up by the summer of 2011," Ms Marshall said. "We do think it would increase tourism."

BC Ferries would use the new Northern Expedition on the route, if it goes ahead, with service every two weeks, Ms Marshall said.

The Northern Expedition started serving the Port-Hardy-Prince Rupert route in May.

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