Friday, November 06, 2009

RCMP to meet with Highway of Tears families this weekend

There are some mixed stories making the rounds of Prince George today, as the RCMP makes plans to provide an update to the families of those who have gone missing on the infamous Highway of Tears.

The Vancouver Province quoted Mavis Erickson, the Prince George based coordinator of the Highway of Tears for the Carrier Sekani Tribal council, she offered up the suggestion that a significant announcement was to be made on Saturday.

However the Prince George website Opinion 250 contacted RCMP officials in Prince George and they were suggesting that the developments of Saturday wouldn't be quite as significant as has been reported elsewhere.

The hopes for a significant breakthrough stem from the frustration of the families, at the seemingly endless false leads and shortage of forward momentum of the RCMP investigation into the crimes that have occurred along the desolate stretches of the Yellowhead highway.

The Saturday meeting comes as Prince George RCMP continue to investigate the discovery of the body of Jill Stacey Stuchenko in an area gravel pit, though at this time there has been no connection drawn to ongoing Highway of Tears investigation.

Ms. Erickson seems to have based her hopes of a major announcement, on a recent conversation with Attorney-General Mike de Jong and Solicitor-General Kash Heed during a meeting in Victoria last month, it is her belief that her call for a public inquiry into the many cases under investigation may soon come to fruition.

That announcement may very well come forward one day, but judging by the most recent feedback from authorities it doesn't appear that it will be made on Saturday.

Highway of Tears website

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