Saturday, November 28, 2009

Three million dollars in infrastructure projects planned for the Prince Rupert Port Authority

Some of that much discussed Federal infrastructure money is about to wash onshore at the Port of Prince Rupert, as the federal government along with the Port announced the funding for three infrastructure projects at port facilities in the city.

John Weston, the Member of Parliament for West Vancouver-Sunshine Coast-Sea to Sky Country, and Don Krusel, President & CEO of the Prince Rupert Port Authority, announced funding of over three million dollars, which will see repairs and seismic upgrading take place at the Atlin Terminal, coming in at a cost of around 2 million dollars, 1 million of which will come from the Federal infrastructure program.

500,000 dollars has been earmarked for a project to construct a one-kilometre pipeline to connect into the District of Port Edward water supply, providing a secure water supply for port operations at Ridley Island, 250,000 of that 500,000 comes out of the infrastructure program.

The final handover of monies is destined for work on the culverts of Ridley Island, at a cost of 500,000 dollars, half of which comes from the infrastructure program, replacement will take place along the 340 metres of eroding culverts which are in place on the Ridley Island Causeway.
The complete set of details on the influx of federal money for the port which is part of the Economic Action plan of the Conservative government was delivered in a press release issued on Saturday.

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