Thursday, November 19, 2009

It's the economy (November 19)

1 in 7 in danger of losing their homes in the USA, what does Manulife know that we should? and the more they borrow the deeper the recession, some of the items of note for Thursday.

Globe and Mail-- U.S. housing crisis hits new level
Globe and Mail-- Saskatchewan potash sales hit 37-year low
Globe and Mail-- B.C. vows bigger HST break for new home buyers
National Post-- BoC cautions China on exchange rate movements
National Post-- Labour market poised for recovery: conference board
National Post-- Manulife and Fairfax bracing for correction
Vancouver Sun-- B.C. to jack up HST threshold on new housing rebate to $525,000
New York Times-- U.S. Mortgage Delinquencies Reach a Record High
New York Times-- Geithner Hopes to End Bailout Fund
New York Times-- O.E.C.D. Sees Bumpy Path to Recovery
USA Today-- Those with, without work to compete for seasonal jobs
USA Today-- More members of middle class file for bankruptcy
Guardian UK online-- OECD tells Darling he cannot afford pre-election giveaway
Guardian UK online-- Green technologies in peril as rich nations dither on climate deal
Times Online UK-- Britain's borrowing hits record £11.4 billion
Times Online UK-- The lending paradox that’s prolonging recession
Telegraph UK online-- OECD warns Britain risks 'debt spiral'
Telegraph UK online-- 'This time it's different' are still the four most dangerous words in investing
Melbourne Herald Sun-- Chinese buy-in to joint venture
Melbourne Herald Sun-- Mirvac hit on director fees
Brisbane Times-- Super inquiry head's comments shock funds group
Brisbane Times-- Brambles revenue stumbles on weak US pallets
Sydney Morning Herald-- A riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside a farce
Sydney Morning Herald-- Billionaires share a memory problem
Sydney Morning Herald-- Melbourne's $20m mansion
Sydney Daily Telegraph-- Credit card use rose in September
Sydney Daily Telegraph-- Media heirs forgetful in witness box
People's Daily on line-- Expert warns of asset bubbles
People's Daily on line-- Agency: Economic growth to top 9% in 2010
China Daily-- China announces price hikes of electricity for non-resident use
The Times of India-- No immediate plans to hike fuel prices: Govt
The Times of India-- Rupee plunges 48 paise against dollar

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