Wednesday, November 25, 2009

BC Ferries to investigate circumstances of Northern Adventure's aborted crossing

The terminated crossing of Hecate Strait on Monday morning by the Northern Adventure will be the subject of an internal safety investigation by BC Ferries.

On Sunday night/Monday morning the vessel ran into extreme weather conditions during its attempted transit from Prince Rupert and Skidegate, unable to sail forward, the ship was rocked violently in high seas for a four hour period as the Ferry's crew attempted to turn the vessel around to return to shelter in Prince Rupert.

During the course of that storm, vehicles on the car decks were damaged, passengers were reported to be sea sick and some crew members suffered minor injuries, in addition the forward bow thruster of the vessel was damaged during the at the sea event.

The trip has been on the minds of both passengers and observers of the ferry system since word first came out about the harrowing trip on Monday afternoon.

Since that time there has been much in the way of media coverage of the sailing and the circumstances that passengers and crew were put into during it.

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The investigation will involve both members of management and the BC Ferry and Marine Workers Union. it's anticipated that they will outline the results of their investigation within weeks, at that time they may issue recommendations to be of assistance should similar a situation occur in the future.

While there have been some concerns raised about the suitability of the Northern Adventure, the former Mediterranean ferry Sonia, to handle the north Pacific waters, it's not known if that point will be considered in the course of the investigation into the incident of the weekend.

CBC News-- BC Ferries launches investigation of rough trip

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