Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The syrup suckers extend a maple branch

Stephen Colbert, the late night comedic faux news anchor (not to be confused with Fox news anchor, though there is some comedy there as well we suppose) has a decision to make, whether or not he'll make the trek into the land of the syrup suckers.

The leader of the Colbert Nation, using his television show the Colbert Report, recently accused Canada of some underhanded behaviour when it comes to the preparations for the 2010 Olympic games, (see clip here) outlining how unfair he felt it was that the American speed skating team wasn't getting as much pre Olympic practice time at the Richmond speed skating oval as could be expected.
Colbert, apparently so disappointed in our less than neighbourly ways, has taken it upon himself to become a one man advocacy group and fund raising committee for the American team, featuring their skaters on his program and providing sponsorship for their efforts when they come north (see clip here).

He has gone so far as to launch through his show, a letter writing campaign designed to urge Canadians to stop being "ice holes"

Calling Canadians a bunch of syrup suckers, over the last couple of weeks he has provided some of the funniest in Canada bashing since South Park's Blame Canada episode, Colbert has so far had great fun at our expense and now it seems Richmond is ready to cash in on its newfound fame.

The City of Richmond,which owns the Richmond speed skating oval and realizing a gold mine when one comes around, offered to appoint Colbert as an official ombudsman to monitor the treatment of Americans during the Games.

In a letter to Mr. Colbert, Richmond officials made their offer and suggested that he just “find yourself some sled dogs and venture forth to our great frozen wasteland”

Providing he can find the dogs and can work a sled, we're sure he'll have a fine time in Richmond, we're just not sure what his duties might be, perhaps testing the ice for temperature shifts or maybe he can stay busy tucking in the USA team at bedtime.

In his downtime perhaps he can get in a little syrup sucking, though we hope he never hears about Beaver tails, as that might be a little hard to explain to him.
Perhaps our best approach may be to give him a six pack of Moosehead and have him sleep his way through the Olympics in restful bliss...

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