Thursday, November 12, 2009

Coachesgonewild, the Bayou edition

Brent Sapergia, can tell everyone he has been on Good Morning America and he's You Tube hit , but part of him may wish to make sure that the evidence is forever out of view (good luck with that by the way).
Sapergia, the General Manager of the Louisiana Ice Gators, was serving as head coach for a game against rival Pensacola Ice Flyers (we wonder if every team in the SPHL must have ice in the name) this week, when emotions apparently got the better of him.

Sapergia had a rumbustious meltdown behind the bench, the kind of performance that might even leave a Bobby Knight, Lou Piniella or Jim Schoenfeld speechless in awe.

Apparently annoyed at the level of officiating for that night's game, the coach, cleared the benches... of sticks, towels, pucks and any other item not nailed down besides the players, who stood to one side somewhat in shock it seemed at their coach's performance.

It was a display that was so bizarre, that it even made it to the pinnacle of American morning television news, with a featured appearance on Good Morning America this morning, complete with commentary from the morning panel.

We have visions of the Sapergia family fielding phone calls for days to come, ready to answer the questions following the talking point of hey, we saw Brent on TV this morning and did you know he's on YouTube too???

The SPHL has fined and suspended Sapergia from coaching for an undetermined amount of time, leaving the team without the services of their GM and we imagine without a full time coach at the moment.
There are reports that a new coach is on the way, with the announcement that John Gibson is ready to take the reins of the club, though judging by the leadership being shown by upper management, we wonder if maybe he won't feel the need to get lost on the road to Louisiana.
This item first appeared on the HockeyNation blog

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