Thursday, November 12, 2009

Miss Prejean, your fifteen minutes have come to an end!

Twas an interesting sight on Larry King Live yesterday, as CNN's last remaining old veteran of television talk shows (farewell Lou Dobbs where ever you are) interviewed former Miss America pageanty contestant and California beauty queen Carrie Prejean.

Ms. Prejean, who had her title taken away from her by California beauty pageant officials after a number of side issues detracted from her duties, is suddenly back in the news, this time with a book to flog.

Mr. King, who for the most part hasn't been inclined to ask hard hitting questions for a number of years now, had not asked a particularly nasty one this time around either. Simply requesting for the former beauty queen to explain why she abandoned a lawsuit against California officials, one which had been using the rather hot topic of religious discrimination as its basis.

Apparently not schooled in the ways of these media dog and pony shows (or more likley perhaps wishing to set her own course in the interview), Ms. Prejean decided that she wasn't inclined to answer any of Mr. King's questions and threw a wee bit of tantrum as befits a beauty queen we suspect.

Sadly we'll never learn more about her outlook on the major issues of the day, or of the raunchy sex video that she made for an old boyfriend, the nude photos and other sideline events that may have contributed to her fall from the heights of beauty pageants and perhaps provide a new platform as a poster child for hypocrisy and shallowness, especially in light of a recent appearance at a Focus on the Family engagement.

As the uncomfortable silence came to an end at CNN and Larry went to commercial, so to we suspect will come the end of Ms. Prejean's media appearances (well there's always Fox we guess, which seems to find her thoughts of interest).

What remains to be seen is how her meltdown with King may affect future books sales...

With the seconds on the clock of fame ticking fast, we suspect that book store remainder bins stand ready to accept their shipments.

Time for the next career we think, hmmm, Palin / Prejean 2012 anyone...

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