Tuesday, November 10, 2009

It's the economy (November 10, 2009)

GM's on its own when it comes to Opel, more bad news for Alberta's gas revenues and China isn't so impressed with Warren Buffett, some of the items of note for Tuesday.

Globe and Mail-- Weak pickup won't spur jobs: Fed
Globe and Mail-- Economic realities plague Japan's leadership
Globe and Mail-- Saving Opel could cost GM $8.5-billion
National Post-- Canada's lacklustre productivity a threat: TD
National Post-- Alberta's coffers face another battering
National Post-- Great time to build gold mines
Vancouver Sun-- Canada’s dirty oil needed on market: UN report
Vancouver Sun-- Recession bites Lower Mainland industrial property market
New York Times-- Barclays’ Remarkable Bargain
USA Today-- U.S. Chamber, Obama clash over business issues
USA Today-- Job openings remain close to record lows
Guardian UK online-- Lloyds Banking Group to cut another 5,000 jobs
Guardian UK online-- Pound tumbles after Fitch issues triple-A rating warning
Times Online UK-- UK most exposed to losing AAA credit rating
Times Online UK-- Lloyds to cut 5,000 more UK jobs
Times Online UK-- Hedge fund directive will cost €1.4bn a year
Telegraph UK online-- How to solve Britain's fiscal crisis: lessons from history
Telegraph UK online-- HSBC and Barclays signal the worst is over
Melbourne Herald Sun-- Negative status for AXA Asia Pacific
Melbourne Herald Sun-- It's all about that jewel, Asia
Brisbane Times-- BHP hopes for rich harvest from potash
Brisbane Times-- Risky assets on rebound
Brisbane Times-- Oil rises as tropical storm disrupts output
Sydney Daily Telegraph-- Downer EDI wins $400m in work
The Australian-- Rio Tinto seeking quick end to Stern Hu saga
People's Daily on line-- Do not be fooled by Buffett's fame
People's Daily on line-- China will be most affected by climate change
The Times of India-- Stimulus to continue for some more time, says Pranab
The Times of India-- AI to pare down perks of top brass

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