Monday, November 23, 2009

Dawson Creek residents deliver a "wake up call" to their politicians

"We have to control our spending in this city and we haven’t."-- Brian Downie, President of the Dawson Creek Ratepayers, expressing the driving thought behind his groups campaign against proposed borrowing plans by that community's government.

It's the kind of backlash that might send fear through the hearts of many municipal politicians in British Columbia.

Dawson Creek residents have put the brakes on proposed municipal spending, by voting against a motion to borrow $ 9.9 million dollars for capital projects over the next three years.

The Campaigns effors provided for a rather narrow victory, as opponents to the spending plans of the city found success with 1009 voters taking the No side, compared to the 976 who agreed with the city's plan to borrow.

Their success came from what was described as a word of mouth campaign in the community organized by the Dawson Creek ratepayers Association, which went up against a well organized campaign by the city.
Included in the city's quest for a Yes, was the expenditure of 20 thousand dollars on advertising for a Yes and another 20 thousand dollars spent on a public relations firm from Kelowna to handle the campaign.

A final twenty thousand dollars was needed to run the referendum, which became necessary when more than 10 per cent of the city's voters signed a petition against the borrowing plans, that success resulted in the referendum, which now has delivered a fairly strong message to the elected officials of the city.

Across the province, we imagine that equally frustrated residents and taxpayers may find the Dawson Creek example something of interest, offering as it did the chance to put some power back into the hands of the folks that write the cheques for their municipal leaders and their plans.

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