Thursday, November 12, 2009

It's the economy (November 12, 2009)

The HST could take a chunk of your Mutual Funds, maybe he should be known as Andy War-bucks, and China and India stake their claim on Africa, some of the items of note for Thursday.

Globe and Mail-- Olympics, infrastructure spending to spur recovery
Globe and Mail-- H1N1 economic hit likely mild: TD
Globe and Mail-- Funds lose fight for tax exemption
Globe and Mail-- Disney posts surprise profit rise
National Post-- IMF tells Canada to keep stimulus policies in place
National Post-- Suncor names business heavyweights to its board
National Post-- Canadian Tire puts spotlight on its automotive business
Vancouver Sun-- North Face shows new face with flagship Vancouver store on Granville
Vancouver Sun-- Stepping out of the bubble in China
New York Times-- Oil Falls and Investors Cautiously Retreat
New York Times-- Irish 'Bad Bank' Plan Faces Public Backlash
New York Times-- New Rules Would Restrict Overdraft Fees on Debit Cards
USA Today-- Buffett, Gates tell students financial panic is behind us
USA Today-- Warhol's painting of $1 bills sells for $43.8 million at auction
Guardian UK online-- BA merger with Iberia agreed
Guardian UK online-- Oil: future world shortages are being drastically underplayed, say experts
Times Online UK-- China and India engaged in 21st century ‘scramble for Africa
Times Online UK-- High oil prices threaten economic recovery
Times Online UK-- BT profits tumble 45% as cost cutting swells
Telegraph UK online-- Record number trapped in part-time work, unemployment figures show
Telegraph UK online-- China hints at currency appreciation before Barack Obama arrives
Telegraph UK online-- What if the ratings agencies' patience with UK runs out?
Melbourne Herald Sun-- Jobless rise still means rates pressure
Melbourne Herald Sun-- Interest hikes dampen inflation fear
Brisbane Times-- Tough times take the gloss off magazine readership
Brisbane Times-- Publishing report a closed book
Sydney Morning Herald-- Surprise rise in new jobs
Sydney Morning Herald-- Crisis fading, not debt
Sydney Morning Herald-- Property is in a deep sleep, not flatlining
People's Daily on line-- Geithner encouraged by moves in China, Japan
People's Daily on line-- Will China suffer from imported inflation?
The Times of India-- Annual food inflation rises to 13.7%
The Times of India-- Reserve Bank of India asks banks to update list of terror funding entities

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