Monday, November 23, 2009

Palintology 101 meets Film studies 101

Saturday Night Live has been rather hit and miss over the last number of years, but they know that when it comes to comedic gold, Sarah Palin, is the new standard.

Wasila's best known hockey mom, former governor of Alaska, running mate to would have been President John McCain and now a book selling author who is currently on tour, Mrs. Palin found herself as the main attraction on this past weekend's show, as the minds of SNL came up with their own 2012 Apocalyptic dream sequence to rival anything Nostradamus could ever have pondered.

In amongst the Movie clips of natural disasters and past Palin pronouncements are some of the more emotional moments of Fox Talk show Host Glen Beck's recent on air meanderings, making for a dream ticket, well a dream for satirical writers anyways.

Examiner-- End of the world SNL spoof featuring Sarah Palin and Glen Beck

For those that may have missed it, in just three years the world will be Goin' Rogue.

Palin 2012, prepare now, while you still can! Saturday Night certainly is...

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