Friday, February 27, 2009

Sometimes it seems that washing your hands isn’t quite enough…

If you ever visit the Prince Rupert Regional Hospital you’ll notice all these signs that advise you to wash your hands regularly, going so far as to provide a little bottle of pink liquid hand sanitizer to help with the process during your visit.

Perhaps that is the first defense against the spread of flu, but sheesh, if the last week has been any indication you’ll need to bathe in the stuff to stave off the ravages of the winter season outbreaks.

Our humble little portal has been blank for most of the week now as we lapsed into a Nyquil/Neo Citron haze, finally admitting defeat we headed off to our doctor where the appropriate modern miracles of pharmaceuticals have at least delivered us from what seemed like deaths doorstep. Yes we exaggerate, but only slightly we think…

At any rate, like a prize fighter who has stumbled back to his feet in the last round, we suspect that this latest bout ended in a draw, though we’re not anxious for a return match with our most recent opponent.

While we took our unintended downtime, we noticed that a number of local developments have taken place that we would be remiss to not address, which we shall in short order.

Among those things we’ve found interest in; but little will over the last week to comment on, were the continuing drama of City Hall and that ever popular quest for transparency and accountability, the announcement of an iconic local name to the board of BC Ferries, the latest surprising departure of yet another local official, this time with the School District taking over from the usual suspects of City Hall and finally an apparent change of direction as far as news presentation goes over at the local Daily newspaper.

We shall weigh in on those over the next few days and of try to return to a more regular routine of updating our blog, while we hacked our way through the week we gave some thought to the format of the blog as well and we have given some thought to a few changes to come in short order.

We’ll get to work on things right after we wash our hands, they say it works after all and we’re going to follow all instructions...

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