Thursday, February 19, 2009

Perhaps it's just best to tell them you've died...

Telemarketers are once again finding that their intrusive ways are annoying those very customers that they would wish to convert.

The long distance telephone providers are quickly finding out that their less than ethical ways of soliciting customers are starting to stir up the population once again, this after the CBC reported on the story of a 95 year old woman that was signed up for a long distance service by a company that took advantage of her confusion on the incoming call.

It's the latest in the long list of horror stories revolving around almost everyone's pet peeve the unwanted, unsolicited and usually untimely ringing of the phone from some company or another trying to sell you something you generally don't want.

While much was made of Canada's new Do not call list last year, as we found out recently that particular instrument has become more of the disease rather than the cure, leaving us back where we started from when it comes to the unwanted communications.

Convergia Networks is the most recent group to find itself on the list of those with questionable ethical procedures, outed in a most public fashion by the CBC over their business practices and their apparent willingness to take advantage of seniors through less than respectable moves.

One hopes that all of this publicity for them pays off with a dramatically reduced profit margin and sudden unemployment for those that would take advantage of people that don't want and don't particularly need their service or their abuse.

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