Sunday, February 01, 2009

It's the economy (February 2009)

The job losses mount, the banks continue to struggle in many parts of the world and the spectre of protectionism all of a sudden is the buzzword of the month. Once again we track the tales of the financial troubles from various sources of the world's business reporters.

New York Times

Feb 18-- A Swiss Bank Is Set to Open Its Secret Files
Feb 18-- $275 Billion Plan Seeks to Address Crisis in Housing
Feb 17-- Chrysler Seeks More Aid and Plans to Slash 3,000 Jobs
Feb 17-- Dow Drops Nearly 300 Points
Feb 17-- Dead End in Detroit for White-Collar Workers
Feb 17-- Signing Stimulus Bill, Obama Does Not Rule Out Another
Feb 17-- Recession Starts to Worry Silicon Valley, Report Finds
Feb 16-- Would a G.M. Bankruptcy Save Taxpayer Money?
Feb 16-- Obama Riding the Wave
Feb 15-- Decade at Bernie’s
Feb 14-- Yes, They Could. So They Did.
Feb 13-- Stimulus Plan Receives Final Approval in Congress
Feb 13-- Stimulus Plan Sets New Limits on Executive Pay
Feb 13-- Disposing of Assets of Failed Banks Tests F.D.I.C.
Feb 13-- A Recession Challenge at Saks
Feb 13-- Stimulus Bill Would Bestow New Aid to Many Workers
Feb 13-- Rainy Days in Paradise
Feb 13-- Bankers had no incentive to stress test the system, BOE's Haldane says
Feb 13-- Legacy of a Crisis: A Generation Shy of Risk
Feb 13-- Peanut Corporation of America to Liquidate
Feb 13-- Europe Slump Deeper Than Expected
Feb 12-- Failure to Rise
Feb 12-- Ailing Banks May Require More Aid to Keep Solvent
Feb 12-- Global Economy Top Threat to U.S., Spy Chief Says
Feb 12-- In Japan’s Stagnant Decade, Cautionary Tales for America
Feb 12-- Ex-G.M. Workers Try to Reboot Their Lives
Feb 12-- Rescue Plan for Housing in the Works
Feb 12-- Question of Control Over Banks Awaits Treasury Secretary at Group of 7 Meeting
Feb 12-- Bankers get paid too much, but please let's fix the bigger problems
Feb 12-- Union backlash over £7.5bn 'super express' train contract
Feb 12-- Even After the Deal, Tinkering Goes On
Feb 12-- Virgin Atlantic to cut 600 jobs amid long-haul downturn
Feb 11-- Chinese Exports Plummet in January
Feb 10-- Bailout Plan: $2.5 Trillion and a Strong U.S. Hand
Feb 10-- They Really, Really Don’t Like It
Feb 10-- Geithner’s Multitrillion Dollar Bailout
Feb 10-- ‘Vulture’ Investors Eye Bad Assets, but Warily
Feb 10-- Taking Stock of U.S. Bailout, Asian Stocks Are Down
Feb 10-- For Geithner’s Debut, a Lukewarm Reception
Feb 10-- The Open-Door Bailout
Feb 10-- Sirius XM Prepares for Possible Bankruptcy
Feb 10-- Trillion Dollar Baby
Feb 9-- Obama Says Failing to Act Could Lead to a ‘C
Feb 9-- Geithner Said to Have Prevailed on the Bailout
Feb 9-- Taking on Critics, Obama Puts Aside Talk of Unity
Feb 9-- A Better Stimulus Bill
Feb 9-- Calls for Clarity in New Bailout for U.S. Banks
Feb 9-- Losses Mount on Credit Cards for Retailers
Feb 9-- Stimulus Bill Bears Imprint of Technology
Feb 8-- The Destructive Center
Feb 6-- Senators Reach Accord on Stimulus Plan as Jobs Vanish
Feb 6-- Small Businesses Critical of Stimulus Bills
Feb 6-- New Plan to Help Banks Sell Bad Assets
Feb 6-- Economy Shed 598,000 Jobs in January
Feb 6-- Furloughs in California Close Many Agencies
Feb 6-- Toyota Expects Greater Losses
Feb 5-- Bipartisan Push to Trim Size of Stimulus Plan
Feb 5-- Japan’s Big-Works Stimulus Is Lesson for U.S.
Feb 5-- As Layoffs Surge, Women May Pass Men in Job Force
Feb 5-- China’s Unemployment Swells as Exports Falter
Feb 5-- On the Edge
Feb 5-- Trying to Help Financially Troubled Homeowners
Feb 5-- Getting Tough in Washington
Feb 5-- The Gang System
Feb 4-- Obama Calls for ‘Common Sense’ on Executive Pay
Feb 4-- At Madoff Hearing, Lawmakers Lay Into S.E.C.
Feb 4-- Foreign Firms Lining Up for Piece of Stimulus
Feb 4-- An Ode to the Stimulus Bill
Feb 4-- Boo Hoo in the Boardroom
Feb 3-- U.S. Plans to Curb Executive Pay for Bailout Recipients
Feb 3-- Dark Days for Green Energy
Feb 3-- How to Avoid a Tom Daschle Tax Problem
Feb 3-- Time to Steer ‘Forceful Course’ for Stimulus
Feb 3-- Well, That Certainly Didn’t Take Long
Feb 1-- Bailouts for Bunglers
Feb 1-- Risks Are Vast in Revaluation of Assets
Feb 1-- February Blues After the Worst of Januarys
Feb 1-- World Leaders Wary of U.S. Economic Measures
Feb 1-- G.M. Pleads for Relief on Taxes
Feb 1-- Herbert Hoover Lives
Feb 1-- Sins of Omission: Help for the Homeowner
Feb 1-- Sins of Omission: The Forgotten Poor
Globe and Mail

Feb 28-- AIG near deal on new bailout terms: source
Feb 23-- 'There will be blood'
Feb 22-- The country's top executives see dark days ahead
Feb 22-- Hey Mr. Banker, why won't you spare a dime?
Feb 22-- Washington may take larger stake in Citi: report
Feb 22-- EU backs sweeping new financial rules
Feb 22-- Car makers warned not to ask for more
Feb 22-- Infrastructure left to rot may cripple Russia
Feb 21-- Economic nationalism rears its head
Feb 20-- As CanWest seeks credit, rivals target prized assets
Feb 20-- Sears Canada cuts 300 jobs, braces for tough 2009
Feb 20-- Canada, U.S. skirt edges of deflation
Feb 20-- GM's Saab unit files for creditor protection
Feb 18-- Buzz Hargrove, your timing's perfect
Feb 18-- How a high-flying Texas businessman came to have Canadian connections
Feb 18-- Western banks feel Eastern Europe's pain
Feb 18-- UBS to pay fine, reveal U.S. clients
Feb 18-- Obama housing rescue built on shaky ground
Feb 18-- Oil sands solidarity cracks under pressure
Feb 18-- Fed lowers economic forecast
Feb 18-- UAW deal limits overtime, raises, bonuses
Feb 18-- A happy worker is a cheaper worker
Feb 17-- Canadian Superior faces debt woes, shareholder revolt
Feb 17-- BCE chairman lauds Sabia role
Feb 17-- Texas financier charged with 'massive' fraud
Feb 17-- Auto makers in sprint to craft plans
Feb 17-- Chrysler and GM: Dead end or road to recovery?
Feb 17-- Harper confident GM won't quit Canada
Feb 17-- How the bailout fund has been spent
Feb 17-- Analyst downgrades IGM Financial after fourth-quarter plunge
Feb 17-- Russia, China sign $25-billion energy deal
Feb 17-- Abitibi says expropriation worth $300-million
Feb 17-- Trump casinos file for bankruptcy for third time
Feb 17-- Japan's government jolted as finance minister quits
Feb 17-- Japan braces as decline accelerates
Feb 16-- December manufacturing sales plummet
Feb 16-- Japan's economy shrinks at fastest rate in 35 years
Feb 16-- In Canada, G20 countries see the future of banking
Feb 16-- WestJet sets steady course for supremacy
Feb 16-- The shopping spree is over for consumption-mad countries
Feb 16-- Big employer pulls out, city pulls up bootstraps
Feb 16-- Energy security calls for a continental vision
Feb 16-- Tough times need tough thinking from not-for-profits
Feb 15-- Auto industry teeters as deadline looms
Feb 15-- Tentative agreement to avert strike at B.C. ports
Feb 14-- Report: GM considering Chapter 11 filing
Feb 14-- G7 ministers offer few fresh solutions for economic downturn
Feb 14-- Euro zone's fringe countries in a bind
Feb 14-- Bank dividends doomed? Scoff at your peril
Feb 14-- Resist populist protectionism, Flaherty urges G7
Feb 14-- G7 targets spectre of economic nationalism
Feb 13-- What's next?
Feb 13-- G7 targets spectre of economic nationalism
Feb 13-- CRTC looks to retool Canadian TV
Feb 13-- Home resales drop on woes of West
Feb 13-- Air Canada to shrink after $1-billion loss
Feb 13-- CPP loses but still outperforms markets
Feb 13-- Telus revenue rises but client growth slows
Feb 13-- The future is natural gas, Enbridge says
Feb 13-- CAE wins $329.5-million federal contract
Feb 13-- Tembec cutting more jobs
Feb 13-- RioCan profit dented by writedown
Feb 13-- Senate approves stimulus bill
Feb 12-- Oil sands report calls for increased focus on environment
Feb 12-- Chinalco to invest $19.5-billion in Rio Tinto
Feb 12-- Troubled Dow Chemical cuts dividend
Feb 12-- Sun Life's ‘horrendous' quarter
Feb 12-- Great-West Life loses $907-million
Feb 12-- Manulife loses $1.8-billion
Feb 12-- Can insurers get back on offence?
Feb 12-- Shoppers profit climbs 14.4 per cent
Feb 12-- Catalyst posts $221.1-million loss in '08
Feb 12-- Global trade collapse slams Canada
Feb 12-- Markets stage late rebound
Feb 12-- Facebook pegs company's value at $3.7-billion (U.S.)
Feb 12-- BorgWarner auto parts maker cuts 4,400 jobs
Feb 11-- Chrysler dealers share the pain
Feb 11-- Pratt & Whitney Canada to cut 1,000 jobs
Feb 11-- Vague rescue plan disappoints
Feb 10-- Canada's new recessionary consumer
Feb 10-- TV profits plunge nearly 93%
Feb 10-- Canada's recovery hinges on U.S. stimulus, Carney says
Feb 10-- Unions demand Buy Canadian policy
Feb 10-- Airlines sound alarm over passenger rights bill
Feb 10-- Sirius preparing possible bankruptcy filing: report
Feb 10-- GM to cut 10,000 salaried jobs
Feb 10-- Wal-Mart to cut up to 800 jobs at headquarters
Feb 10-- Hold the gloom, a sign of economic buoyancy on the high seas
Feb 9-- Consumer bankruptcy filings surge
Feb 9-- One quarter of Canadians fear layoffs
Feb 9-- Precision Drilling suspends distributions
Feb 9-- Home prices to fall by 8% this year
Feb 9-- Kingsway sells assets, cuts jobs amid shakeup
Feb 9-- Scotiabank expanding insurance operations
Feb 9-- France announces €6-billion auto maker loan
Feb 9-- AbitibiBowater finances ‘severely constrained'
Feb 9-- Public-private partnerships key to U.S. bailout
Feb 9-- Xstrata laying off 700 in Sudbury
Feb 9-- Falling stocks squeeze board ownership rules
Feb 9-- Activist hedge fund moves on Abitibi
Feb 9-- Charest government denies report it is set to fire seven top Caisse managers
Feb 9-- Rio Tinto's chairman-elect quits unexpectedly
Feb 9-- SEC freezes Madoff assets
Feb 9-- Air Canada unions demand pension funding
Feb 9-- U.S. stimulus bill clears Senate test
Feb 6-- Job losses won't alter stimulus plan, Harper says
Feb 6-- Scary job numbers for sure, but it's no Depression
Feb 6-- Dads opt for buyouts to spend more time with kids
Feb 6-- Ontario reviewing who qualifies for welfare
Feb 6-- Montreal feels the pain
Feb 6-- The oligarch shuffle
Feb 6-- Amcor eyeing Alcan Packaging
Feb 6-- Pressure rises to ease EI eligibility
Feb 6-- Caisse lost $38-billion in 2008: report
Feb 6-- U.S. senators reach deal on economic stimulus
Feb 6-- 'Buy American' mayhem
Feb 5-- What the fat cat dragged in

Feb 5-- Job losses pressure Flaherty to open stimulus taps further
Feb 5-- Restraint Takes a Vacation
Feb 5-- Teachers nearly quadruples Petrocan stake
Feb 5-- 'Buy American' battle not over, leaders warn
Feb 5-- U.S. to unveil bailout plan Monday
Feb 5-- Bombardier cutting 1,340 jobs
Feb 5-- CanWest puts E! up for sale
Feb 5-- Canada making headway in battle against Buy American provisions: Day
Feb 5-- Buffett invests in Swiss Re as insurers hurt
Feb 5-- U.S. retailers report dismal January sales
Feb 5-- Africa, once thought immune, succumbs to global crisis
Feb 4-- U.S. Senate agrees to soften ‘Buy American' plan
Feb 4-- Obama warns of ‘catastrophe' but stimulus bill isn't sure to pass
Feb 4-- Obama targets Wall Street excess
Feb 4-- He blew the whistle – and no one listened
Feb 4-- No simple answer to Obama's banking dilemma
Feb 4-- Central bank fails to sway analysts
Feb 4-- Bay puts faith in its Games plan
Feb 4-- RailPower gets creditor protection
Feb 4-- Circuit City ripples go beyond vacancies, layoffs
Feb 4-- Panasonic to cut 15,000 jobs worldwide
Feb 4-- IMF monitoring Central Africa bank losses
Feb 3-- China outruns U.S. in vehicle sales
Feb 3-- Obama moves to water down Buy America provisions
Feb 3-- Obama administration plans to mandate new executive pay limits
Feb 3-- CAW eyes labour cost cut
Feb 3-- Regulator, RIM officers in settlement
Feb 3-- ING to sell big piece of Canadian unit
Feb 3-- Credit card delinquencies jump
Feb 3-- Geithner, Flaherty discuss economic challenges
Feb 3-- Frozen salaries, no new jobs
Feb 3-- Tembec layoffs hit half of work force
Feb 3-- Disney profit falls by a third
Feb 3-- Chrysler's U.S. sales plunge 55 per cent
Feb 3-- BHP books 2.2 per cent profit rise
Feb 3-- Australia plans $26-billion stimulus package
Feb 1-- Ontario's pension plan safety net vulnerable: experts
Feb 1-- Rio says it's in asset sale talks to Chinalco
Feb 1-- Super Bowl ads play on economic woes

National Post

Feb 18-- Protectionism could turn recession into a depression
Feb 18-- Strapped states may undercut stimulus
Feb 18-- Ford distances itself from Detroit rivals
Feb 18-- Obama unveils US$275B plan to stem foreclosures
Feb 18-- Fed cuts economic forecast
Feb 18-- Transcontinental slashes 10% of workforce
Feb 18-- The 'big lie' about executive compensation
Feb 17-- Harper confident GM will stay in Canada
Feb 17-- GM, Chrysler ask for more government aid
Feb 17-- GM shares fall before deadline for survival plan
Feb 17-- GM, Chrysler push concessions as deadline looms
Feb 17-- U.S. markets sink towards November lows
Feb 17-- Air Canada could face bankruptcy protection
Feb 17-- Nortel to present business plan in few weeks
Feb 17-- Canadian Superior’s bank demands repayment of loan
Feb 17-- Teck posts $607-million loss
Feb 17-- Nortel to present business plan in few weeks
Feb 17-- TD increases stake in Luxembourg's Internaxx
Feb 17-- Bank of Nova Scotia downgraded on credit concerns
Feb 13-- Canada's housing market still in the doldrums
Feb 13-- Air Canada battling to navigate turbulent times
Feb 13-- Ottawa won over, CAE seeks more contracts
Feb 12-- Canadian industry waiting for its ship to come in
Feb 12-- Ottawa must wait on U.S. economic recovery
Feb 12-- Life insurers looking to Ottawa for backing
Feb 12-- Alberta unveils plans for oil sands
Feb 12-- Oil settles below US$33 on supply glut
Feb 12-- Rio Tinto accepts massive China investment
Feb 12-- EnCana won't make 'bold moves'
Feb 10-- Markets go into a tailspin on U.S. bailout plan
Feb 10-- Focus on U.S. bond market
Feb 10-- North American stocks take a bath
Feb 10-- Oil prices fall 5%
Feb 10-- More government help needed: Geithner
Feb 10-- Rates uncertainty as Carney sticks to his guns
Feb 10-- Canada scolded for free trade attitude
Feb 10-- Unions push for a 'Buy Canadian' policy
Feb 10-- Gun put to the heads of auto workers
Feb 9-- Stimulus package clears key vote in U.S. Senate
Feb 9-- Obama, Pelosi in showdown on U.S. stimulus bill
Feb 9-- How to cure the U.S. economy, for just $500-billion (cheap!)
Feb 9-- Home sales won't rebound until 2010: CREA
Feb 9-- OSC probes hedge funds in wake of Madoff scandal
Feb 9-- Nortel scraps shareholder meeting as cost cuts continue
Feb 9-- Carney expected to stand firm on bullish outlook
Feb 9-- Strong yen crippling Japan's auto giants
Feb 9-- Loonie climbs on U.S. stimulus hopes
Feb 9-- Gartman visits Canada, predicts loonie-greenback parity
Feb 9-- Bankruptcies down in December, way up in year
Feb 6-- Canada posts record monthly job losses
Feb 6-- Will the economy drag down Harper?
Feb 6-- Jobless rate soars to 7.2% — analysts comment
Feb 6-- U.S. lost nearly 600,000 jobs in January
Feb 6-- Making the worst of it
Feb 6-- Loonie slides to two-week low
Feb 6-- Senate close to vote on stimulus plan
Feb 6-- Obama: 'Devastating' job losses show need for stimulus
Feb 6-- U.S. spiralling deeper into recession
Feb 6-- Ottawa must wait on U.S. economic recovery
Feb 6-- Major changes to competition, foreign investment laws planned
Feb 6-- Major layoffs likely for Alberta's petroleum services sector
Feb 6-- Sands shift for Chrysler's Canadian workers
Feb 5-- Opposition parties compete for most-panicked-by-recession prize
Feb 5-- Ottawa misses chance to fix EI scheme
Feb 5-- RIM executives agree to $68M settlement
Feb 5-- Did ING get 'taken to cleaners?'
Feb 5-- William Watson: The CAW’s protectionist racket
Feb 5-- Maurice Strong: Let China buy Detroit
Feb 5-- Bombardier cuts jobs as business jet demand slumps
Feb 5-- Bank of England slashes rates to record low
Feb 5-- Warren Buffett bails out Swiss Re insurance
Feb 5-- Husky slashes dividend, cuts reserves
Feb 5-- Domtar cuts U.S. output as losses widen
Feb 4-- Canadian dealers eye tax breaks to lure car buyers
Feb 4-- Has Obama shut down the party on Wall Street?
Feb 4-- Obama tramples over 'shameful' bonus system
Feb 4-- Bank of America shares near two decade low
Feb 4-- GM wants retirees' COLA to end: sources
Feb 4-- Scotia among world's top 10 stable banks
Feb 4-- Canada urged to forge energy ties with Russia, China
Feb 4-- Hudson's Bay Company to cut 1,000 jobs
Feb 4-- Canadian airlines encounter turbulence in buyer’s market
Feb 4-- Gartman likes loonie, Canadian stocks
Feb 3-- GM's Future In Doubt
Feb 3-- Canada's auto sales rout continues
Feb 3-- Tory budget easily passes House vote as N.L. Liberals break ranks
Feb 3-- Obama urges Congress to soften protectionist trade message
Feb 3-- Protectionism is the last refuge of the mediocre
Feb 3-- Canada may pale to Obama’s green plan
Feb 3-- Stimulus bill could trigger global protectionism, U.S. leaders warned
Feb 3-- Melnyk pays US$1-million to settle SEC claim
Feb 3-- ING selling most of its stake in Canadian unit
Feb 3-- Canadian companies will have to cut payrolls, economists warn
Feb 3-- BP, Husky put oil sands plans on hold
Feb 3-- Canada's auto sales rout continues
Feb 3-- Complacent Canadians now deep in debt
Feb 2-- Say no to trade wars
Feb 2-- Counterpoint: It’s time to start buying Canadian
Feb 1-- More job losses expected in week ahead
Feb 1-- 'Buy America' policy a veiled attempt to export unemployment

Toronto Star

Feb 18-- Could Canada escape deeper auto layoffs?
Feb 18-- Harper warns U.S. against protectionism
Feb 18-- U.S. production, housing starts plunge
Feb 18-- Oil falls below $35 on more bad economic news
Feb 18-- Rogers records loss of $138M
Feb 18-- Goodyear to cut nearly 5,000 jobs
Feb 18-- CAW set for crunch time talks
Feb 18-- Three Trump casinos seek third bankruptcy
Feb 17-- GM, Chrysler could miss deadline
Feb 17-- Sliding demand sends oil below $35
Feb 17-- Auto crisis, economy alarm markets
Feb 17-- GM shares plunge before plan submission
Feb 17-- Metals collapse gives Teck $607M loss
Feb 17-- Lutz's exit shuts door on car history
Feb 17-- Japan spurs fall in world markets
Feb 13-- Home resales fall 40.9%
Feb 13-- Air Canada posts $727M loss
Feb 13-- TSX closes down on financials
Feb 13-- Oil breaks out of weeklong price slide
Feb 13-- Canada Pension Plan value drops $8.5B
Feb 13-- Pearson Airport hikes passenger fee 25%
Feb 13-- OPEC cuts 2009 oil demand forecast again
Feb 13-- Tembec cuts 100 more jobs, slashes spending
Feb 13-- G7 converge on Rome as crisis rages
Feb 13-- Telus revenues up five per cent
Feb 13-- Euro zone economy has record contraction
Feb 12-- Toyota slows Ontario assembly
Feb 12-- Americans' net worth hammered by recession
Feb 12-- Bank woes keep Irish crisis simmering
Feb 12-- Strong sales good medicine for Shoppers' profit
Feb 12-- Canadian Tire's Q4 profit falls 22.9%
Feb 12-- Auto credit 'critical' for ailing industry
Feb 12-- U.S. retail sales up 1 per cent in January
Feb 12-- Chinalco to invest $19.5B in Rio Tinto
Feb 12-- Oil slips below $36 as inventories rise
Feb 12--Pioneer to cut 10,000 jobs globally
Feb 10-- GM to cut 10,000 salaried jobs
Feb 10-- U.S. bank bailout set to top $1 trillion
Feb 10-- Loonie falls two cents
Feb 10-- Oil tumbles after U.S. rescue plan unveiled
Feb 10-- More rate cuts to come
Feb 10-- Economic rebound next year, Carney says
Feb 10-- Unions seek 'buy Canadian' stimulus policy
Feb 10-- Stop screening for credit, income, auto insurers warned
Feb 10-- Stronger dollar, lower sales hurt Molson Coors profit
Feb 10-- China overtakes U.S. in car sales
Feb 10-- Loss of confidence swamps house market
Feb 10-- Car market has further to fall: Magna CEO
Feb 10-- Obama out selling stimulus package
Feb 9-- Housing starts down 11% in January
Feb 9-- Nissan to cut 20,000 jobs
Feb 9-- Bankruptcies soared in late 2008
Feb 9-- Nearly 700 miners laid off in Sudbury
Feb 9-- Nortel gives up corporate jets
Feb 9-- Syncrude charged after 500 ducks perished on oilsands pond
Feb 9-- Job losses feared as earnings revealed
Feb 9-- Stimulus efforts eclipse bank plan
Feb 9-- Scaling wall over Canada's trade complaint against China
Feb 9-- Manufacturers look to future
Feb 9-- Housing market 'correction' in full swing
Feb 8-- GM may want Delphi plants back
Feb 8-- Economic meltdown hits home
Feb 8-- These signs say you got bad investment advice
Feb 8-- Rays of sunlight in economic gloom
Feb 7-- Province urged to hike deposit ins
Feb 7-- Real estate council freezes more bank accounts
Feb 6-- Job losses worst on record
Feb 6-- Chrysler to idle Brampton plant
Feb 6-- Cap payday loan costs, board urgesCap payday loan costs, board urges
Feb 6-- Tim Hortons, Cold Stone to create new stores
Feb 6-- U.S. employers slash 598,000 jobs
Feb 6-- `Buy American' controversy forged in Chinese steel mills
Feb 6-- Learning to live with uncertainty
Feb 6-- A chance to trim bloated paycheques
Feb 5-- Federal budget overly optimistic: Page
Feb 5-- Actors, sports legends on Madoff client list
Feb 5-- Bombardier cuts 1,360 jobs
Feb 5-- U.S. retail sales plunge in January
Feb 5-- December building permits slip
Feb 5-- U.K. central bank cuts rates to record low
Feb 4-- Hudson's Bay cuts 1,000 jobs
Feb 4-- Obama imposes salary caps for bailout CEOs
Feb 4-- Canadian car sales crash
Feb 4-- Magna-owned plant closing after contract rejection
Feb 4-- Madoff tipster says he feared for his safety
Feb 4-- ING Canada shares tumble on fire sale
Feb 4-- U.S. planned layoffs hit 7-year high
Feb 4-- China auto sales may outpace U.S.
Feb 3-- CAW worries GM will pull out of Canada
Feb 3-- GM offers buyouts to all hourly employees
Feb 3-- Toyota's Canadian sales rebound
Feb 3-- More big job losses in store for Canada
Feb 3-- Canadian credit card delinquencies rising
Feb 3-- 60 Globe and Mail staffers take buyouts
Feb 3-- A Liberal budget in all but name
Feb 3-- 'Buy North American' a better course
Feb 1-- Trade war is avoidable, says Stockwell Day
Feb 1-- Porter tries to fly above economic turbulence
Feb 1-- All the news that's fit to fund
Feb 1-- Employment will weight on investors' minds this week

International Newspapers


Feb 19-- Rising debt may overwhelm Barack Obama's effort to rescue the economy
Feb 19-- Rio Tinto at risk of turmoil as investors eye return of Jim Leng
Feb 19-- Gordon Brown hints at fresh tax cuts in the Budget
Feb 19-- Toyota to seek voluntary redundancies in Britain
Feb 19-- Peter Mandelson stands by F-word outburst
Feb 19-- Future of Saab uncertain as GM prepares to cut off support
Feb 18-- Gordon Brown promises new curbs on bank bonuses
Feb 18-- Chrysler and General Motors need $21bn in aid ‘to survive’
Feb 18-- Barack Obama gambles billions to save homes and jobs
Feb 18-- Shares plunge as investors fear global slump
Feb 18-- Spectre of deflation stalking the economy
Feb 18-- Windmills flap helplessly as coal remains king
Feb 18-- Taoiseach pressed on key details over €300m Anglo loans
Feb 18-- Irish recovery plan provokes harsh criticism from Brussels
Feb 18-- Brussels provides a wake-up call to Government
Feb 17-- Donald Trump's New Jersey casinos file for bankruptcy protection
Feb 17-- MPC's Tim Besley says more action needed to avoid deflationary spiral
Feb 17-- Trichet refuses to rule out further interest rate cuts
Feb 17-- ABI summons Rio Tinto to discuss pre-emption rights
Feb 17-- Gold hits record against euro on fear of Zimbabwean-style response to bank crisis
Feb 17-- Rio Tinto's sabre rattling on Chinalco deal could backfire
Feb 17-- UK inflation falls to lowest in almost 50 years
Feb 17-- Weak sterling will help economy
Feb 17-- FTSE 100 falls sharply as doubts over US stimulus plan hits global markets
Feb 17-- New fears on fate of economy
Feb 17-- Warning as UK heads for deflation
Feb 17-- Japan's finance minister departs after 'drunken' TV appearance
Feb 16-- Japan's economy shrinks most since 1974
Feb 15-- China digs into Rio’s debts
Feb 14-- Gordon Brown to scrap final salary pensions for MPs
Feb 14-- The return of Brown the Brooder
Feb 13-- Lloyds stuns City by revealing potential HBOS loss of £11bn
Feb 13-- Barack Obama warns economic recovery will take years
Feb 13-- Loans scandal claims Irish Life chief
Feb 13-- ITV staff braced for hundreds more job cuts
Feb 13-- Alistair Darling risks rift with Germany and France over bank rescue
Feb 13-- Rio shareholders want China deal scrapped in favour of rights issue
Feb 13-- Taking stock of the LSE's Dame Clara
Feb 13-- Pressure on Lloyds chief as shares dive
Feb 13-- Lloyds shares tumble as HBOS slumps to £10bn loss
Feb 13-- IL&P refuses Casey resignation, two directors step down
Feb 13-- Inflation decline first in 50 years
Feb 13-- Gordon Brown vows to 'claw back' bonuses amid backlash against the bankers
Feb 13-- Beware of the dog: Gordon Brown's nearly at the end of his tether
Feb 13-- European finance ministers to attack Alistair Darling over sterling's slide
Feb 13-- Bit by bit, Gordon Brown's fantasy is being pulled apart by the facts
Feb 13-- High debt levels endanger Britain's AAA credit rating for first time
Feb 13-- Europe's industrial base may never recover from crisis
Feb 13-- Rio Tinto digs in its heels over deal with China
Feb 13-- German economy dives as France admits slowdown
Feb 13-- Agencies poised to inflict painful cut in AAA downgrade
Feb 13-- Diageo shares hit on global job cuts and falling profit forecasts
Feb 13-- Peter Jones: Just how healthy are Scotland's exports?
Feb 13-- Gordon Brown's tough talk fails to hide his lack of action over remuneration
Feb 13-- Black day at airport as firms shed 1,300 jobs
Feb 12-- Fleet Street cuts jobs as advertising slump bites
Feb 12-- Brian's banking blind spot bears hallmarks of a Greek tragedy
Feb 12-- What the Government's bailout means and will it actually work
Feb 12-- North Sea oil and gas jobs on the line as investment falls
Feb 11-- Unemployment to exceed 2m for first time under New Labour
Feb 11-- Nicolas Sarkozy's bailout of carmakers sparks EU summit
Feb 11-- Credit Suisse records worst than expected loss
Feb 11-- Gordon Brown ally Sir James Crosby ‘ignored risk alert at HBOS’
Feb 11-- President Barack Obama team rolls out $3 trillion plan to save economy
Feb 11-- Tim Geithner's 'conceptual' banking rescue fails to reassure investors
Feb 11-- Standard Life bows to pressure over Pension Sterling Fund compensation
Feb 11-- Treasury committee MPs miss chance to grill bankers in detail about their role in crisis
Feb 11-- Bentley and GM announce more UK job losses
Feb 11-- Jobcentres given new mission to save the middle-class jobless
Feb 10-- Stocks plunge as Timothy Geithner fudges detail of economic rescue
Feb 10-- So, just how bad will the recession be?
Feb 10-- Chinese economy: Sparks of revival amid the collapse of a Chinese steel town
Feb 10-- RBS and HBOS executives to apologise for collapse of banks
Feb 10-- Rio Tinto stands by sale of assets to Chinalco
Feb 10-- President Barack Obama breaks Republican resistance over $820bn plan
Feb 10-- Rush for ships feeds hope of revival in commodities
Feb 10-- Half of China's toy factories close after exports slump
Feb 10-- Ed Balls: minister fears rise of fascism amid economic gloom
Feb 10-- New Rio chairman resigns after debt disagreement
Feb 10-- Bank of England challenged by new independent Monetary Policy Forum
Feb 10-- EU meeting to tackle 'toxic assets' of banks
Feb 10-- McCreevy warns against dangers of protectionism
Feb 10-- PM to banks: give back your bonuses
Feb 9-- Bank of England to warn recession will last far longer than Government's forecast
Feb 9-- House prices have much further to fall and that is no bad thing
Feb 9-- Life as an economic liberal is almost untenable at the moment
Feb 9-- Weakened banking system is creaking further, warns City watchdog
Feb 9-- Barclays defends accounting policies as it reveals £6.1bn profit
Feb 9-- Ireland links €7bn bank rescue to cuts in pay and bonuses
Feb 9-- Latter-day Onassis could rescue debt-laden Olympic Airlines
Feb 7-- Barclays set to give big bonuses to bankers who scuttled Woolworths
Feb 7-- UK company collapses up 124% in three months
Feb 6-- Shorts set to lay off 300 temporary staff as jet orders decline
Feb 6-- Iceland: downfall of 'a foolish little nation'
Feb 6-- Manufacturing falls at fastest rate for 28 years
Feb 6-- Royal Mail looks to shed 16,000 jobs as it aims to cut costs
Feb 6-- Obama unveils economic panel of experts
Feb 6-- It’s not the first time the market has been declared dead
Feb 5-- Bailed-out Royal Bank of Scotland bankers set for millions in bonuses
Feb 5-- High street on the skids after collapse of Icelandic retailer Baugur
Feb 5-- Gradual sell-off gives staff some breathing space
Feb 5-- Devaluation threat to rouble: Russia props up banks with $40 billion
Feb 5-- Heading down into uncharted territory, The Times MPC is divided on how to steer a safe course
Feb 5-- D-Day for Gordon Brown as he says world is already in a depression
Feb 5-- China outraged after India bans all toy imports
Feb 5-- Number out of work could hit 400,000 this year, says Cowen
Feb 4-- President Obama to water down 'Buy American' plan after EU trade war threat
Feb 4-- Services data show worst of recession could be behind us
Feb 4-- Jim Rogers got it wrong - UK and the pound are not 'finished'
Feb 4-- Alistair Darling tells peers: we slipped up on economy
Feb 4-- Wanted: foreign jobs for British workers
Feb 4-- High-street shake-up on way as Hamleys and House of Fraser investor collapses
Feb 4-- Bank must act fast to stop plunging inflation
Feb 4-- Poll points finger at Greenspan
Feb 4-- Kremlin to inject $40bn into Russia's banks
Feb 4-- Britain 'headed' for deepest slump in 60 years
Feb 4-- RBS chairman McKillop quits as new regime strengthens its hold
Feb 4-- BP boss says 'no' to mega-mergers
Feb 4-- BP reports first quarterly loss for seven years
Feb 4-- Warren Buffet injects $300m into Harley-Davidson
Feb 4-- Exchequer returns show 19% fall in tax take
Feb 4-- €2bn cuts: Cowen lays it on the line
Feb 4-- Tax revenue slump leaves €750m hole in finances
Feb 3-- Cowen proceeds with public sector pension levy despite talks failure
Feb 3-- Europe and Canada warn US over 'Buy America' clause
Feb 3-- Alistair Darling blames bankers for not coming clean
Feb 3-- Funding crisis forced lenders to access Bank for £185bn
Feb 3-- Spain's downward spiral spooks bond investors
Feb 3-- Jim Rogers and his theories of relativity
Feb 3-- BP dividend cash pledge cheers British pension funds
Feb 3-- EU threatens legal action over American car industry bail-out
Feb 3-- Private equity 'next bubble to burst', unions warn
Feb 3-- Buy the flat and we'll throw in the job to pay for it
Feb 2-- Thousands may strike over 'British jobs' dispute
Feb 2-- US department store Macy's cuts 7,000 jobs
Feb 2-- Downturn in China leaves 26 million out of work
Feb 2-- Glaxo workers braced for 10% job cuts
Feb 2-- Chinese premier to meet Brown on crisis
Feb 2-- More strikes loom in row over hiring foreign workers at low wages
Feb 2-- Chinese premier: Greedy bosses on huge salaries to blame for financial crisis
Feb 2-- State to step in as credit insurance drought imperils small businesses
Feb 2-- Rio faces clash with Canberra over stake sale to China
Feb 2-- Economists express doubts over Brown's ring-rencing plan for toxic debts in British banks
Feb 2-- 'Jobs for British' protesters threaten strike against power supplies
Feb 2-- PPF look set to raise pension fund levy
Feb 2-- Let banks fail, says Nobel economist Joseph Stiglitz
Feb 2-- Rio Tinto urged to come clean on £10bn China deal
Feb 1-- Gordon Brown says: London is not 'Reykjavik on the Thames'
Feb 1-- Ministers to look at 'distorted' EU employment law
Feb 1-- Rio Tinto confirms talks over Chinese cash injection
Feb 1-- Little room for optimism in the snow
Feb 1-- We must prepare for the recovery - whenever it comes

Feb 5-- We're waging economic war: Premier
Feb 5-- MacBank profit shocker
Feb 4-- Time to fire the fiscal cannon
Feb 4-- Chinese economy shows signs of life
Feb 4-- Inquiry call after Turnbull bombshell on $42b package
Feb 2-- Rio in talks with Chinalco
Feb 2-- Rudd reveals $115b loss
Feb 2-- From rates to Ruddbank, this dip is distinct
Feb 2-- China's Premier pays heavy price for national insecurity

Feb 10-- Asia: The coming fury
Feb 5-- Panasonic terminating 15,000 jobs worldwide
Feb 5-- Fujitsu allows workers to moonlight to make ends meet
Feb 2-- Pansonic's losses to exceed Y300 billion
Feb 2-- Theme's of adulthood, inclusiveness set tone for remaking America

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