Monday, February 09, 2009

Regional District hangs out the Help Wanted sign..

Let the speculation begin!

The Podunkian radar alerts are sounding all over town today, that with a new “job opportunity” posted by Skeena Queen Charlotte Regional District, a place where as the job description puts it "the haunting call of the raven beckons" and political suspicions it seems always are just around the corner.

The posting for a Deputy Chief Administrative Officer for the bureaucratic level of government on the North Coast known as Regional District, has caught the attention of at least two political observers in the city.

It has become one of the topics on the board of hackingthemainframe and has also been given some thought over at e-prince, where the speculation seems to be, that perhaps this could be a position destined for a familiar and controversial name made famous last summer.

On the positive side, Regional District at least seems to have learned from where the then Mayor Pond went wrong, what with a formal application process, complete with short lists and interviews and such. Crossing the t’s and dotting the human resources i’s if you will.

It’s of course more than a bit ironic that Regional District may be seeking out new help just as Mayor Mussallem floats the idea that he’d like to sell off the Regional District building, perhaps part of the job description has the lucky applicant working out of a home office!

It will be well worth watching how this application progresses, who the candidates are that make the short list and who the eventual successful candidate might turn out to be. Would be Deputy CAO's have until February 23rd to deliver their resumes and provide their three references to the executive job search firm of James R. Craven and Associates Ltd..

What might be even more beneficial to Prince Rupert residents though, would be a description of what it is that Regional District and its layer of bureaucracy provide for the taxpayers share of the funding.

In times of economic stress such as we have on the North coast, one normally would expect a freeze on positions, especially those that haven’t seemed to have been needed over the last few years. At least judging by the vacancy sign that has been associated with the operation, ever since those days of controversy back in 2007.

If nothing else it might have been an idea to pass the plan by the voters before posting, just in case they might have other plans for the money required for salaries, benefits and such.

The topic of hiring could very well be the next hot spot at Regional District meetings, of course second on the list over the eviction notice that Mayor Mussallem seems anxious to provide to those that dwell in those offices.

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