Saturday, February 28, 2009

And yet another media case for the X Files

While we’ve been catching up on our reading from the “new” Daily News, we suddenly came to the realization that somebody went missing.

While the departure of former Editor Earle Gale (who penned his own departure article three weeks ago) was documented in a heart felt Patrick Witwicki editorial on January 20th, the removal of the by-lines and further contributions of Kris Schumacher seem to have gone unheralded in print.

Schumacher provided some fairly interesting and well researched articles during his time with the local paper, focusing it seemed most times on the tricky educational file and labour issues on the North coast.

It’s interesting of course to note the timing of his departure, seemingly on the same day that Mr. Gale left the paper and in the same period of time as the new direction of the Daily News was launched, a blue print that was outlined in an Editorial on Thursday.
If you were to play media CSI, here's the paper trail, on Friday, February 20th he was still part of the portrait gallery on the editorial pages of the Daily News, by Monday, February 23rd he was gone, picture removed with nary a note of his leaving.

It’s not the first time that a popular reporter has just disappeared into the ether in Prince Rupert, Leanne Ritchie likewise suddenly was removed from the picture gallery on page four without an opportunity to recount her time while living and working in Prince Rupert, likewise Schumacher now slips off without a farewell.

Last year was a period of much turmoil for the local paper, from thorny labour negotiations to the departures of a number of behind the scenes employees that helped to put the paper to print on a daily basis. Accentuated by the departure of Ritchie who during her four year stay at the paper, provided steady reports on the happenings in the region.

Now as the paper changes its direction towards a more softer focus on the news and a dedication to seeking out the positives, another voice that sought to explore all the issues has taken his leave.

While they seek out more of the good news for us, perhaps they could spare a few words about Mr. Schumacher and his past efforts, which for the most part provided a fair, balanced and thorough review for the readers of the Daily News.

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