Wednesday, February 18, 2009

41 Job orders for 14 billion

The infrastructure monies are coming, the only question left is will Prince Rupert be on the list of recipients...

Stockwell Day the Federal International Trade Minister and Provincial Transportation Minister Kevin Falcon did the press conference thing on Wednesday, showering the province with it's share of the federal bounty all in the aid of spurring on the economy. Day outlined how the commitment was the largest ever commitment of federal infrastructure dollars at the federal level in Canadian history and while short on destinations he was long on political oratory on what this infrastructure delivery would mean to the province.

Calling the three party funding as thirty three cent dollars, municipalities will be contributing one third of the cost to the projects identified as most shovel in the ground ready, though some suggest that if the municipalities wish to participate in this process some may have to raise taxes to ante up their share of the funding, a prospect that may not be readily accepted in some communities.

One other potential roadblock on the road to infrastructure heaven is that some of the projects won't be providing immediate relief for hard hit areas of the province, as environmental studies and such may slow the progress down a bit.

Details on which projects are set to go and which communities are to benefit are to be released as the weeks go by(no doubt well before British Columbians go to the polls), perhaps when camera crews are prepared to best record the moment best.

Transportation Minister Falcon number crunched some 1750 jobs out of the 41 projects, most of which he must be hoping are on line before the spring election.

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