Wednesday, February 04, 2009

BCTF votes to administer controversial tests

"We will be making it clear to parents and the public that we are in no way agreeing with, or are less concerned about, the tests and their continued use and misuse. We are disappointed that the government has chosen to ignore our professional concerns and advice on the use of the FSA," -- Irene Lanzinger, BCTF president, explaining the decision reached by the provinces' teachers over the upcoming foundation Skills Assessment testing.

British Columbia's Teachers have backed their unions recommendation that they comply with a Monday ruling from the Labour Relations Board, the ruling outlined how the Teacher's were instructed to administer the Foundation Skills Assessment tests, which are set to be taken by Grade 4 and 7 students across the province this month.
The BCTF had originally backed a motion introduced by the Prince Rupert District Teachers union to boycott the tests, which have long been the thing of controversy and friction between teachers, administrators and the Ministry of Education.

Voting was conducted over the last two days with the results providing for the approval of 83 per cent of those of the province's teachers who voted, the results were released on Wednesday evening.
While they will administer the tests this year, the Teachers are hopeful that Minister of Education Shirley Bond will make good on her recent comments that she is willing to discuss improvements to the tests, by backing down on their boycott campaign, the Teachers Federation is most likely waiting for Ms. Bonds phone call to set up a meeting.

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