Saturday, February 14, 2009

Podunk Below the Masthead February 2009

A daily look at the BIG TYPE headline of the Podunkian Daily News.
We'll list that day's BIG STORY, the one the Daily puts out in the big type just below it's masthead, for all Podunkians to ponder.
There will be a link to this feature on the right hand side of the blog.
On Wednesdays and Friday's you can access all the stories of the Daily News free on their website, on the remaining days you end up at a dead end, asking you to go purchase your paper, for (as Paul Harvey would say) the rest of the story.

February 27-- THE WOLVES ARE AT THE DOOR IN PORT EDWARD-- As spring approaches wolves begin to make more frequent appearances in the urban areas (see full review of the articles of the day here)

February 26-- WIND FARMS ARE COMING TO PORT EDWARD AND AREA-- The prospect of wind farms appearing on the North Coast gets another review (see full review of the articles of the day here)

February 25-- CREST HOTEL'S CEO IS GOING TO TAKE A NEW FERRY RIDE-- The announcement that Steve Smith has been named to the Board of BC Ferries is outlined (see full review of the articles of the day here)

February 24-- PRINCE RUPERT'S FIRE HALL NEEDS MORE THAN TLC-- The city's fire hall is in dire need of some renovations, leading the mayor to recently ruminate over the potential for a new building for all emergency services in the city (see full review of the articles of the day here)

February 23-- $2 MILLION TO BE RECEIVED BY LOCAL FIRST NATIONS-- Local First Nations receive funding for training that will facilitate aboriginal employment at the new Fairview container facility and other port businesses (see full review of the articles of the day here)

February 19-- SAFE INJECTION SITE FOR THE NORTH BEING TALKED ABOUT-- Northern Health gets the conversation rolling with some thoughts about the prospect of safe injection sites for Northern BC (see story here)

February 17-- B. C. PORTS REACH TENTATIVE DEAL WITH LONGSHOREMEN-- The ILWU and the BCMEA come to a contract agreement (see story here)

February 18-- BELT-TIGHTENING B. C. BUDGET ALL ABOUT ‘RESPONSIBILITY’-- The Daily turns to Canadian Press for a review of the Campbell government's budget (see story here)

February 16-- MASSIVE ANBT WEEK ENDS WITH HALL OF FAME SESSION-- The annual All Native basketball tournament comes to another successful conclusion (see story here)

February 13-- CULLEN SAYS OIL TANKER ACT MUST ADDRESS AREA'S NEEDS-- NDP MP Nathan Cullen outlines his thoughts on a recently introduced private members bill in the House of Commons over the tanker moratorium (see story here)

February 12-- BASKETBALL WORLD TAKING NOTICE OF THE ALL-NATIVE-- The All Native Basketball Tournament organizers receive the accolades of Basketball BC (see story here)

February 11-- CAMPAIGN UNDERWAY TO PROTECT ACROPOLIS MANOR-- The bid to keep the old Acropolis Manor building open in some capacity gains converts, as a petition is launched around the city. (see story here)

February 10-- ROAD TO METLAKATLA AND PORT SIMPSON SUPPORTED-- The much discusses Tsimshian Access Project finds some favourable commentary from Metlakatla (see story here)

February 9-- PRIDE AND CEREMONY SHINES OUT AS ANBT GETS UNDERWAY--The 50th Anniversary of the All Native Basketball tournament gets underway (see story here)

February 6--THINK TANK SUGGESTS BEST WAY AHEAD FOR WILD SALMON--The British Columbia Pacific Salmon Forum outlines its findings for the future of Wild Salmon. (see story here)

February 5-- FLAMES DRIVE OUT RESIDENTS AS INLANDER IS HIT BY FIRE-- Prince Rupert's Inlander hotel catches fire, sending residents looking for alternative accomodations (see story here)

February 4-- WIND FARM AND HAIDA NATION FORGE HISTORIC DEAL-- The plans for Nai Kun's windfarms off the shores of Haida Gwaii take another step forward with a deal with the Haida government ( see story here)

February 3-- LIBERALS DECIDE TIME IS RIGHT TO RUN A BIG DEFICIT--Premier Campbell and his Liberals enter the world of deficit financing (see story here)

February 2-- AT 100, CHAMBER PAUSES TO HONOUR TOP BUSINESSES-- The Prince Rupert Chamber of Commerce celebrates it's 100 anniversary (see story here)

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