Friday, December 17, 2010

Wrapped in the flag, but only when convenient!

September 11, 2001 is  a day that will forever be ingrained in the memories of Americans, the visual of the tumbling towers of New York the historical benchmark for generations to come.

Yet for some elected Americans, that day is seemingly something to conveniently forget when it's not politically useful, especially it would seem when it comes to not only honouring, but ensuring that proper medical care is provided for those First Responders who answered the call to lend assistance in the hours following the attack on the World Trade Centre towers.

Jon Stewart, host of the Daily show, has provided a much needed reality check for Americans as to what their politicians and their news media machine feel is important, a symbiotic relationship where false outrage over political matters seemingly trumps the very real and human needs of those that make real sacrifices.

This week Stewart highlighted the hypocrisy of a number of America's politicians, with their foot dragging, stalling tactics in the Senate when it comes to a bill that would provide for medical care for  fire fighters, police officers,  ambulance personnel and other First Responders to the events of that now infamous day.

Through the week, his show provided a damning indictment of politicians who were quick to wrap themselves in the flag following those attacks, but now can't seem to find the time to pass a bill in the Senate to provide for the proper care for those that suffered post 9-11 medical concerns.

Likewise, he has been just as harsh on an American media machine that despite the non stop chatter of the cable news hosts, or the supper and morning broadcasts of the main networks somehow has managed to avoid much mention of the shameful actions of the political class, though as he cleverly shows has in the past used the 9-11 debate to further their own news agendas.

It has been that ability to find what truly resonates with the public that is one of the main reasons that the Daily show has proven to be so popular over the last few years.

While the three cable news networks and their broadcast partners in news continue to find their work deemed to be pandering to their own agendas, held hostage it seems to a corporate blue print that at times somehow forgets about the news, Stewart it seems finds the way to highlight what's important to the person viewing at home.

Thursday nights Daily Show provided a review of the double talk and weasel words of the politicians, as damning an indictment of what's wrong with the political system as you might find on any news program today.

What followed that segment however, provided the key to what really matters in the debate, the need to properly care for those that put themselves into harms way on that day, answered the call of their nation and now for their efforts are being conveniently shunted to the side, now that the need for a politically convenient close up isn't required.

One of the members of the panel of First responder participants in that second segment outlined what motivated all of those that went into the burning and collapsing buildings of New York on that September morning, a call of duty, or as he put it "they didn't turn their back on their country" when they were needed most.

The same it would appear cannot be said of their elected officials in Washington these days.

The mediate website offers up a replay of Thursday's Daily Show segment,  (see it here) as helpful a guide to the disconnect between the politicians and those that they represent as you're likely to find in a long time.

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