Thursday, December 02, 2010

Hell No, She won't go! Then again, maybe its yes, or maybe it's No.

The chaos that suddenly seems to have enveloped the NDP of late will seemingly continue on for a while yet.

After yesterday's blistering denouncement of Carole James leadership by Jenny Kwan, many awaited Thursday morning and the first comments from the James camp on her leadership situation.

That reaction came today and as far as the NDP leader is concerned she will stay the course and continue to fight for her leadership, setting the stage for a confrontation within the party, which some suggest could very well fracture the party.

For those looking for some background on the remarkable developments in what many thought once was the government in waiting, a visit to the CKNW website will prove most instructive.

The Bill Good Show on Thursday focused the first two hours of its day on the evolving crisis in the NDP, a special edition of the Cutting Edge of the Leg feature brought Vancouver Sun colonist Vaughn Palmer  and Global TV's Keith Baldry together to discuss the situation, both provided some fascinating background into the history of these NDP blood feuds, a trail which leads back beyond the days of Harcourt, Clark and Skelly.

Later in the program after 10 am, Ms. Kwan herself appeared on the air to provide her view on the issue and offered up her thoughts on where developments may lead over the short and long term.

Most interesting of the day's programming was the suggestion from the journalists in the first hour of the Good program is that if Ms. James is successful in staying the course of her leadership, which was supported by a count of 84 per cent  in mid November at convention, she may have no recourse but to kick out the rebel factions including the 13 NDP MLA's that signed off against her leadership in mid November.

Local NDP MLA Gary Coons is one of those thirteen and appears to be firmly onside with Ms. Kwan's course of action of Wednesday, having sent emails to a number of media outlets including our Podunkian portal.

In his missives, he recounts his admiration for Jenny Kwan's service to the party and expressing support for her stand and calling for a leadership renewal for the party, making for a decision which would seem to put him in the cross hairs of the James side of the party if it comes time to force out those members who continue to attack the leadership of the moment.

How that might impact on the next election cycle in British Columbia would be an interesting choice for North coast residents, as he would most likely not be able to fly the NDP banner if Carole James wins the ongoing political battle.

The larger issue for the NDP itself is that this civil war within their ranks may end up finally splitting the tenuous links between the labour oriented members and the wide collective of other interests that make up their ranks.

As the Good show outlined during hour one, there are many hands involved in the latest drama playing out in Victoria these days, many past grievances and attitudes still at work seeking to find a direction for the party.

While many may have been watching the Liberals go through the angst of their own drama, the NDP is suddenly offering up it's own dramatic presentation of the Ides of March.

Michael Smyth offers up what he sees in the future in his column in the Province today, and the omens are not good for Ms. James.

Prior to his guest spot on the Good program today, Vaughn Palmer offered up his own interoperation of recent events which highlights the dysfunction of both of the province's major political parties these days.

When it all settles down and the two parties sort out their leadership issues it will be interesting to see what the match up may be, though judging by the tempestuous nature of BC politics these days those results could set the stage for even more drama to come.

The CKNW Audio Vault can be found from this link, select the 9 am and 10 am hours for the full review of the developments of the day.

Don 't stray past the 11 am hour however, as the topic of the day turns to turkeys and chickens, the fowls not the human variety, though for some observers of the BC political scene these days,  there may be some symbolism in that topic shift we guess.

Other instructive articles of the day can be found from a variety of sources which we've provided below.

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