Friday, December 03, 2010

The Twelve Signs of a Prince Rupert Christmas; the list checked twice...

The people have spoken, not with overwhelming numbers mind you, but enough to give an indication as to what community activities suggest that Christmas is indeed on the way.

Over the last week or so in consultation with the audience of the local portal hackingthemainframe, we solicited ideas as to when Rupertites first start to get that holiday spirit.

The voting ended on Thursday night and we have a few of those indicators to go along with our Twelve signs of a Prince Rupert Christmas.

With Winterfest set to begin tonight, with the official launch on the Courthouse lawns and the lighting of the trees there, it's not a surprise that the annual Festival topped the list of our Podunkian readership.

Always a popular event which provides for seasonal music, hot chocolate and of course the illumination talents of volunteers who check and double check the many lights assembled in the trees of the courthouse lawn.

The courthouse events just the beginning of a weekend of celebration in the city.

With the various activities of this first weekend of December, that makes the whole Winterfest experience from the court house to the sail past and Fireworks as the top sign of the season for Rupertites.

A sample of some of the waterfront activities can be found from this YouTube sampling from 2008.

You can check out the schedule of events for this years Winterfest celebrations from the Special Events Society website here.

Below our interpretation of the most popular results, with a few honourable mentions to fill out the dozen.

1. Winterfest/Sailpast/Fireworks

2. Courthouse Christmas Lights display

3. House Decorations begin to appear around the city.

4. Store owners and staff decorate their storefronts.

5. Christmas craft fair takes place at the Civic Centre

6. Eggnog begins to get stocked in local store.

7. Baker Boy brings out the treats for their Christmas table

8. The Lester Centre is booked solid with school Christmas presentations.

9. Cooks Jewellers starts adding to the Money tree in their front window

10. Volunteers staffing the Salvation Army Kettles around town

11. Children selecting their wishes from the Sears wish book.

12. The RCMP increase their counterattack efforts 

Honourable mentions to the arrival of Santa at the Rupert Square, the string of Christmas parties that begin to take place, holiday magazines and decorations in the stores and holiday cooking and baking by neighbours and friends.

Thanks to those that took the time to cast a vote, have an enjoyable weekend setting the stage for the holiday season in Prince Rupert!

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