Saturday, December 18, 2010

Queen Charlotte City RCMP seeking suspect in attempted arson at detachment

The Queen Charlotte City detachment of the RCMP is seeking information on a disturbing incident from Friday night, which  they believe had a male attempt to set fire to the RCMP detachment in the community.

The incident which is currently under investigation reportedly had a an unknown suspect breaking a window at the front of the detachment at around 9 pm on Friday night, interrupted by the on duty jail cell guard, the suspect fled the scene leaving behind a 4 litre jug of gasoline and a marine type flare on the floor of the front office area.

The on duty guard was the only person working inside the detachment at the time, he made contact with the patrol unit on duty at the time which conducted a search of the area, however no potential suspects were found in the course of that search.

Members from the detachment are seeking the assistance of the public who may have spotted a male, six feet tall, last seen wearing a toque and matching sweater, in the vicinity of the detachment Friday night.

There is a chance he would have been noticeable from the odour of gasoline on his clothes as a result of spilling gas.

Of particular concern to the RCMP, in addition to the brazen nature of such an incident as this, is the potential for damage and injury to both on duty personnel and those in cells that night that could have resulted had the attempt been successful.

Anyone with information on the file can contact the Queen Charlotte City detachment at 250 559-4421 or contact Crimestoppers at 1 800 222-8477.

A full review of the Friday night incident can be found from the RCMP website.

QCI Observer-- Queen Charlotte RCMP investigating apparent arson attempt on detachment building

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