Friday, December 24, 2010

Channeling your inner Griswold in Prince Rupert

While we continue to track the path of Santa as he makes his way towards YOUR house, perhaps we can take a moment to see which part of our Podunkian setting is your favourite for the annual display of Christmas lights.

Through the last month Podunkians have been busy channelling their inner Clark, the patriarch of the Griswold clan of National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation. A dedicated man, who sought only to bring much joy to his family (and his Hydro provider) with his annual display of Christmas lights.

An event which didn't start out too well, but as events played out eventually worked out as planned, well sort of...

To help us in our quest for Prince Rupert's best Griswold, we seek your counsel, voting below as to the area of town with the best of Christmas displays, and if you wish a more specific compass point for Christmas Eve and Day travellers to cruise towards.

Below we have a handy reference map courtesy of the city's website, which divides the city into five sections, vote accordingly and with commentary to send us on our way!

Red -- Seal Cove and  East area
Blue-- Crestview and Prince Rupert Boulevard area
Green-- Downtown and centre town area
Orange-- Summit and Pineridge areas
Yellow-- Westview
Not shaded-- Port Edward

You can cast your ballot courtesy of the hackingthemainframe electronic voting booth,  our quickest resource centre outside of following the glow of the Rupert night!

You can access the ballot site here.

We'll close the voting booth Sunday at midnight, giving you a chance to check out the assorted recommendations from across the city.


Anonymous said...

Where's the link to the voting?

. said...

Link has been fixed sorry about that,..