Monday, December 20, 2010

City takes action on nuisance properties

Last week's City council gathering of December 13th provided the city's elected officials opportunity to send notice to some recalcitrant landowners in the city, outlining the city's frustration at the slow pace of remediation to a number of local structures in the city.

Pages 31 to 44 of the most recent Prince Rupert City council agenda (see here) provides a paper trail of sorts from Alan Scott, the City's Building and Licencing Inspector, who outlines the steps he has taken thus far to have property owners on 3rd Avenue West and Fifth Avenue East provide for resolution of the city's concerns.

Citing provisions of 74 of the Community Charter, Scott was advising the city to declare the properties to be a nuisance and order they be wrecked and removed.

The appropriate letters of notice of his intent to advise council were forwarded to the respective property owners, who once officially informed of the city's actions will be expected to tear down the properties in question or await the city's arrival to do so for them with the bill to follow.

CFTK TV 7 News provided this report on counci's decision on the fate of the 3rd Avenue property in question, that property owner now has thirty days to act on the city's order.

The developments regarding the Fifth Avenue East property and its state of dis-repair haven't been reported on as of yet.

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