Thursday, December 16, 2010

School District 52 announces a name for the middle school

When Principal Ken Minnette and Vice Principal Andree Michaud open the doors to the city's new middle school in September, the name of the building may have a familiar ring to it.

School District 52 announced the results of a survey this week, after receiving 21 submissions for consideration, the School District has chosen to name the school Prince Rupert Middle School.

The school which will come into being with District reconfiguration and the merger of the city's two high schools, will take up residence in the building that currently houses the soon to be closed Prince Rupert Secondary school.

It is hoped that further along in the process that a new structure will be constructed to house the middle school, which for now will make use of portions of the old high school to deliver the new configuration program in the city.

The middle school will take in students from around the Prince Rupert area for grades six to eight, part of a reconfiguration decision made by the School District in December of 2009.

The two high schools will merge as one for grades nine to twelve, with PRSS students shifting over to the Charles Hays building in September of 2011.

CFTK TV 7 offered up this report on the decision, posted to their website on Wednesday.

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