Monday, December 06, 2010

Nathan Cullen touted as potential provincial NDP leader

When it comes to short lists, it would seem that a familiar name for residents of the Northwest may find some space with the provincial NDP, that as they seek out a replacement for the now departing leader Carole James.

Brian Kierans a longtime fixture in the media and political scene and now a political blogger based out of Vancouver Island , has offered up an interesting option for provincial NDP members to ponder now that they need a new leader.

His blog called The Kieran Report provides some interesting background and his commentary into the recent machinations within the NDP, a manic week of developments that led up to today's announcement that in effect Ms. James has surrendered to the 13 dissidents.

Kierans' while appearing on the Michael Smyth program on CKNW today, suggested that perhaps in the current situation the NDP may wish to reach beyond the usual suspects and party loyalists on the provincial scene, going instead to the NDP’s federal party for their next leader.

He floated the idea that Nathan Cullen, the NDP MP for Skeena Bulkley Valley might be a choice that could unify the currently fractured elements of the party.

 With his high profile as the federal NDP’s environment critic and his roots in the Northwest political scene, Kierans feels that Mr. Cullen could possibly offer the necessary skills to bring together the different factions that currently find themselves at odds in the wake of Ms. James resignation today.

You can listen to his review of Cullen’s CV from the CKNW Audio archive, select the 1 to 2 hour to listen in on the discussion.


Anonymous said...

If Mr. Cullen is a sympathetic, humanitarian, with the best interests of the people of the Province of BC at the core of his principles, he doesn't stand a chance. The NDP have thrown people with those qualities to the wolves. Just look at Tom Berger and David Vickers. They appear to want rigid dogmatic leaders.

Anonymous said...

The NDP definitely needs to "reach beyond the usual suspects", if they want to keep my vote, and garb some of those on the fence. Nathan would get my (virtually)lifelong NDP vote. If it's Sinclair or Sihota or any of the like, I'm out.