Monday, December 06, 2010

NDP dissidents win the day, Carole James resigns as NDP leader

The Carole James era of leadership of the provincial NDP seems to have come to an end, Ms. James who only yesterday was expected to take on the thirteen dissident MLA's in a Sunday session cancelled that conclave and instead announced on Monday that she is resigning her position as soon as an interim leader is put in place.

At  11 am, the NDP leader said she could no longer overcome the infighting that has ravaged the party this last week,  saying that the public may see it as a "win for the bullies" but that she no saw alternative than to step aside.

Suggesting that it's now up to the dissidents to stop making excuses now that she has decided to walk away from the post she has held for seven years.

While she takes her leave from the leadership post there will still remain the very visible split among party members, only last month James had won the endorsement of 84 per cent of NDP members gathered in their November convention, many of whom may not be overly thrilled that their choice has been forced out of her post by the thirteen rebellious dissidents.

As well, James isn't going away completely, as she intends to remain on as the MLA for Victoria Beacon Hill, which could make for some interesting twists and turns depending on who should win the yet to be announced leadership contest.

Where this leaves the party is the topic of the day around Victoria, as pundits and journalists examine the    decision made today and what impact it may have on the political fortunes of the party in the future.

Some of the immediate feedback on today's latest seismic shift in BC politics can be found below.

You can also listen in to the political discussion on CKNW this morning starting with what now seems like ancient history as Bill Good reviewed the weekend events and then delivered the breaking news of the James departure, check out their Audio Archive for the discussion from 10 am on.

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