Sunday, December 30, 2007

Trail becomes proactive in crime fighting

In Trail, in BC's southwest corner, they've decided that in order to gain results in the fight against crime you have to be willing to spend a little money.

They've impressed upon the criminal element of the city that unless they keep clear of trouble they will find themselves under the watchful eye of the unit, that or they of course have the option of relocating to a more welcoming community less concerned with public safety.

So far Trail is quite happy with their 180,000 dollar investment, Councillor Robert Cacchioni, who holds the public safety file for the city of Trail calls the unit a "great investment", pointing to drug house busts, increased surveillance and the arrest of many in the criminal culture that were wanted on outstanding warrants.

Compare their efforts in Trail to other communities in the province that are currently working with a reduced police force or have reduced their funding and you can understand why the crooks are looking for greener pastures that Trail these days.

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