Saturday, December 08, 2007

Podunkian Music Club

RUSH-By-Tor and the snow dog

We take advantage of tonight's light snowfall to delve into some early Rush on the Music Club.

Heading back to 1975 and the first major commercial success Fly By Night, a recording that made the Toronto power trio Canadian legends and introduced them to the anxious album rock audiences of America.

Anthemic in nature, tonight's selection By Tor and the snowman, provided over eight minutes of the hard driving rock that soon would make the band famous. (Tonight's selection is the four minute condensed version)

Paving the way for a harder edge in rock to begin to take charge of the music play lists of the FM stations around North America.

By-Tor and the snowman is one of the crowd favourites when it comes to early Rush material, when you wander through the numerous on line forums dedicated to Canada's Hard Rock heroes, it's this early tune that seems to come up time and time again as one of the most listened to and covered of the early catalogue.

So, while we watch the snow and then watch the tracks in the snow, keep an eye out for By-Tor and his Snow dog, a Canadian rock fable to rattle the snow off your steps.

Recording--Fly By Night

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