Sunday, December 23, 2007

March of the pine beetle reaches Terrace

Terrace officials have identified four areas of the city that have begun to show their first stages of a pine beetle infestation.

Skills Park, Elk Park, Redsands and the Airport all have patches of forest that are reported to be under attack from the bothersome pest that has ravaged forests further east in the province.

The TV 7 website outlined the developments, including hopes that the diversified forests of the Terrace area may help to slow down the bug in this corner of the province.

Pine Beetle in Terrace
Fri, 2007-12-21 14:21.
Local News

The City of Terrace has come across some areas around town that are infected by the pine beetle.

Right now the city is busy identifying where the problem areas are in conjunction with the Kitselas Forest Operations. The four areas in town affected are Skills Park, Elk Park, Redsands and the Airport.

As soon as the snow melts in the spring the sick trees will be removed from around town. The city hopes this will stop a further outbreak in our area.

One advantage Terrace has in combating the pine beetle is the surrounding forest. Which has a variety of trees that aren't susceptible to a pine beetle infestation.

The City of Terrace hopes all these factors work against stopping a major outbreak next summer.

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