Friday, December 21, 2007

Oh yeah, well our leader is tougher than your leader...

Russia's Vladimir Putin is adding to his lore these days as he prepares to release an instructional video on judo with a Japanese champion.

Putin, who holds a black belt in the martial art, made the video with Yasuhiro Yamashita, a world and Olympic judo champion from Japan.

It's the latest in on display views of his prowess in athletic matters that have come out of Russia in recent times, many of which show him in rather exciting activities that must leave the other world leaders gasping at his abilities.

From downhill skiing, to sailing a submarine and piloting a fighter jet and posing shirtless, he's the ultimate in Maxim guys it would seem.

Most recently he was named The Time Magazine Person of the Year for 2007, the latest in his titles as he continues to dominate his fellow world leaders both in politics and athletics.

There is however hope however for Stephen, George and all the newcomers to the world political stage, with a dedicated training regimen it appears that Putin can be taken down.

Though we do wonder where the young man with fancy flip might be living these days!

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