Thursday, December 27, 2007

Oh Alaska, we stand on guard for thee!

For three weeks in November, Canadian CF-18s filled in for the F-15s over Alaska. Several times, the Canadian fighters scrambled to "do an identification" of Russian bombers flying exercises outside U.S. airspace near Alaska, said Maj. Mike Lagace, a Canadian military spokesman for NORAD.

For a few weeks there, Canada was the Northwest's last line of defence, as Canadian Forces F-18's took over for American fighters over Alaska, as the American squadrons of F-15's were grounded due to some structural problems.

As part of our Norad duties during that period, Canadian fighters scrambled to meet Russian fighters, bombers and recon planes that are apparently straying closer and closer to American and Canadian air space these days.

Our days of aerial domination over Alaska however have come to an end, as a brand-new squadron of F-22s based in Alaska is standing in for the state's grounded F-15s, said Tech. Sgt. Mikal R. Canfield, a spokesman at Elmendorf Air Force Base.

A move that has left the Canadian F-18's to return to their regular duties.

However, three weeks of fame in the skies must surely be good for a CBC mini series we would think? Something along the lines of Canada having stared down the Russians in some Cold War like showdowns..

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