Sunday, December 09, 2007

The Googles of December 2007

Our listings of the Google Alert items that come across our mail server on a daily basis. Archived here for your viewing enjoyment.

December 31--Year of challenges predicted on economic front
December 30--The little town where suicide rules
December 29--Rogers resets wireless services goal to early 2008
December 28--Record-setting heat in July a weather highlight
December 26--Second teacher arrested at Prince Rupert school
December 26--Prince Rupert Teacher Back To Court Charged With Sexual Exploitation
December 24--Prince Rupert teacher up on sex-related charges
December 24--High school teacher in Prince Rupert faces sex charges involving students
December 23--Expansion of port in Prince Rupert hailed as boon
December 22--Offshore wind farm approved in northern B.C.
December 22--Prince Rupert Port Using State of the Art Detection Equipment
December 21--Dragon boats generating interest
December 21--Top Ten Transportation stories: The Opening of the Port of Prince Rupert
December 21--A Class Conundrum
December 20--Stelmach's tough stand on region just right
December 20--Police use Taser to subdue suspect
December 20--Relatives are suing over copter's crash
December 20--CN makes plea to end opposition to EJ&E rail deal
December 19--Gov’t chips in for labour research
December 19--Some Alaska Ferries make money, but all need attention
December 19--Power Plans Threaten Coastal Forests
December 17--Ketchkian Bus Stop Benches Removed In Front of Library
December 17--CN Rail 2008 update expected late in January, UBS lowers price target
December 16--Cruises from S.F.: More ships making fewer round trips
December 15--Solicitor General To Tour Flooded Areas
December 15--So Many victims
December 13--Spelling bee deadline near for schools
December 10--Investigator vows to pursue case
December 9--Time to make some lemonade
December 9--Pickton Guilty of Second-Degree Murder
December 7--Gitxsan First Nation welcomes appointment of Dan Veniez to run port terminal
December 7--Appointment to Ridley Terminals Inc.
December 7--Child porn charge laid
December 6--Prince Rupert residents fear wolf attacks
December 5--Trucker involved in deadly crash 'devastated' by family's deaths
December 5--Fortune Minerals explores coal pipeline option
December 4--Dead or Alive
December 3--Come dowtown and do Homework
December 3--CN’s takeover of Chicago lines enters fast track

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