Thursday, December 27, 2007

BC’s floods the number two weather story of the year

With a subtle assist from Prince Rupert’s less than best hour, the floods of 2007 were listed as the number two weather story of the year from Environment Canada. Only the melting polar ice could wrestle the number one spot away from the Skeena, Nechako and Bulkley Rivers.

Prince Rupert gains mention in the Environment Canada story for our hoarding of fuel and food in the face of nature. It proved to be a moment that didn’t exactly showcase our city as the kind of place to keep a level head during an emergency. As the days during the high water saw Rupertites flock to the gas stations and grocery stores to empty the shelves and tanks of all essentials.

The Environment Canada synopsis of the floods of 2007 examined all corners of the province which were left to feel the full wrath of nature and some areas like the Lower Mainland which just missed disaster thanks to a changing weather pattern.

The ten weather related stories showcase the effect that the weather has on our day to day lives and how Canadians deal with them. Sometimes we come out of the storms with flying colours and sometimes with less than laudable intentions.

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