Thursday, December 27, 2007

Fairview Harbour to ring in the New Year with upgrades

It was light reading in the Christmas Eve edition of the Daily News, a paper that appeared on news stands well before the noon hour, leaving one to believe that perhaps the Daily News of Monday was actually the Daily News of Saturday.

However, not to begrudge the hard working employees of an early exit we’ll not dwell on the timeliness of the news, rather we’ll just feature the front page story of the day for our archives.

Extensive upgrade to commercial harbour will result in much more space
By Kris Schumacher
The Daily News
Monday, December 24, 2007
Pages one and three

Anyone accessing Fairvew Harbour in the coming weeks and months can expect to see a lot of work going on at the facility.

The Port Edward Harbour Authority commenced construction at Fairview Commercial Fishing Harbour earlier this month in a project that will improve safety and access for all marine users.

As Broadwater Industries began construction back on December 3, it was advised that as a result of the ongoing construction, harbour users would experience disruptions of access to the gang ramp and vehicle lane, as well as disruptions to power for vessels and to harbour lighting.

The work may be an inconvenience for many harbour users, but Port Edward Harbour Authority Manager Rick Hill said the project will benefit everyone when it’s completed.

“The Prince Rupert harbours service the community as a whole because they are the only ones available, and this particular harbour is strategically of great importance to Metlakatla, Oona River, Dodge Cove, Kitkatla, because all of those people use it as a corridor for coming and going to Prince Rupert,” said Hill.

“The benefit will be directly to them, and give safer and improved access to everyone. But there’s a little inconvenience that happens whenever there’s construction happening on a throughway.

Eventually, what’s being done is an expansion of the concrete service area and wharf that will span nearly to the entrance way of the airport ferry roadway, which could eventually amount to four times the amount of docking pace that already exists.

This portion of the work being done is referred to as Phase 2 of a multi-phased project plan for Fairview Harbour, which should see completion in the first weeks of April 2008.

An official announcement from all the funding partners is expected to be made in early 2008, including all the detailed aspects of the improvement project.

“In the past, access to the harbour from the roadway has been very confined and restricted and what we’re doing is creating a surface area to allow for much easier access,” said Hill.

“It should not be mistaken for a parking lot, but it will create the potential for having a far more professional and safer venue for entering and exiting the harbour.”

Hill said that Prince Rupert has been blessed to receive funding for an improvement project such as this, with money being as short as it is on the Pacific coast. The end result of the multi-phased project will not only improve safety and access, but will be a more professional site for the partners working out of it, namely Port Edward Harbour Authority, Small Craft Harbours and Canada Coast Guard.

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