Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Repeat offender Simon nets 30 game suspension

Yesterday marked the eighth time that Chris Simon had appeared at an NHL disciplinary hearing and number eight was certainly going to be a memorable one.

This morning the Islanders forward was assessed a thirty game suspension for his stomp with his skate (see video here) last weekend on the Penguins Jarkko Ruutu, Colin Campbell made note of Simon's repeat appearances when he issued the punishment.

In his decision Campbell said that he wanted this punishment to not only express the leagues revulsion at the act of kicking a player but to provide a deterrent for others that may consider that kind of activity.

Simon's thirty game suspension comes just months after he had finished serving a twenty five game suspension from last year, clearly time hasn't seemed to reform his ways much. It's the second time that Simon has become an NHL record holder, claiming the title for longest suspensions in NHL history.

Simon is currently on a leave of absence from the Islanders as he seeks out assistance for his personal problems, the first game that he will be available for action again is February 21st when the Islanders play the Tampa Bay Lightning.
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