Saturday, December 29, 2007

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Amy Winehouse—Rehab

While 2007 may be known as the year of the Britney Spears implosion, not to be left off your list of bad girls gone wrong is Amy Winehouse.

Winehouse, the British gossip gal is finishing off the year in fine style with arrests in England and summons to appear in Norway; clearly trouble has a way of finding the gal.

Google her name and you’ll find a list of troubles that would keep any PR agent busy for years, yet musically this may have been her finest year.

While she ponders the ways of change that surely must be made to her lifestyle (with or without legal assistance), a listen to her single Rehab of this year is a worthwhile venture for any fan of soulful confessionals.

With a catchy hook intro and one cookin’ house band (every apartment dweller should have a band like this in their bathroom) we are lead through the trials and tribulations of a damsel in denial. You can hear mixes of jazz, soul and r and b in the tune, which highlights her voice well and moves along at a nice little clip.

It’s a song reminiscent of some of the greats of early sixties, with that Phil Spector feel to it and some great musical atmosphere to go with her stylishly delivered lyrics.

She first appeared on the British music scene in 2003 and has been on the cusp of stardom through to this year, only to have personal issues seemingly sabotage her career at almost every turn. 2007 in particular while proving to be a breakout year for her in North America, also seems to have been a most self destructive year, which is proving to be a larger issue for her than she may think.
While normally the music industry gives a fair bit of latitude to those that run into trouble, being unavailable to support your breaks to larger markets isn't always the best strategy. With six Grammy nominations for 2008, her troubled 2007 could prove to be problematic for the follow up introductions.

Considering her recent bouts with the law in England, Her plaintive declaration that they want to send her to rehab but she says No, No, No is more than slightly ironic, perhaps a sequel is in the works, where she says Yes, Yes, Yes…

If she’s hopeful to keep recording, it might be the only thing that keeps her on track. With material like 2006's Rehab to work with, you have to hope that she gets it all together.

If she can chase her demons there may be a much more rewarding future for her after rehab, both the institution and the song!

Artist--Amy Winehouse
Recording--Back to Black

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