Saturday, December 08, 2007

Look who’s coming back to town!

A name from Prince Rupert’s recent tumultuous past is about to re-emerge on the Podunkian scene, with the announcement that Dan Veniez has been named as the chair of Ridley Terminals Incorporated.

Veniez who achieved celebrity status in town with his town forums at the PAC (and his rather remarkable record number of appearances on a local radio talk show) over the then controversial state of Skeena Cellulose and its stillborn offspring New Skeena (nee China Paper), was the lightning rod at the time over the fate of the pulp mill and the affect that its closure had on the local community.

His return to the Northwest (if only in a travelling capacity) will no doubt be a bit of surprise to many locals, who perhaps thought (and some no doubt hoped) that they had heard the last of his name on the north coast.

The Honourable Lawrence Cannon, Minister of Transport, Infrastructure and Communities made the announcement Friday, Describing Mr. Veniez as thus: "His public policy and business insight will be invaluable to the company."

His appointment will certainly be the talk of the town for the next little while as he begins his duties as the Chairman of the board at Ridley. Somehow you get the feeling that employee and management relations out on the island are about to head in an interesting direction...

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